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Hello magical people!

We wanted to send out a little love note and update! Thank you for your patience as we navigate sourcing stones during COVID and all of the slow-downs with international shipping currently! 

Some amazing news we are excited to share is that in the most divine and impeccable timing, we
POUND girls got our loving hands on some of the most PRISTINE, high-quality Herkimer Life-Force Diamonds we have laid eyes on in a very long time. Woot! Their arrival is perfect because their power is needed. These lil' light-warriors are energetically able to magnify our intentions with clarity. They take our purpose and direct the flow of its movement forward and outward.

Herkimer Quartz crystals are known as the "Diamonds" of the Clear Quartz multiverse due to their purity, clarity and strength. They are emblazoned with the name "LIFE-FORCE" crystals because they give life to our sincerest, heart-centered intents.   

Herkimers Magnify energy. 

They are atomically structured to perfection so that they can literally attune to and then enhance the vibrations you are calling in or putting out. Therefore, it is super important to be in alignment (mind, body, spirit) when setting intentions with high vibration crystals. Give yourself time to calm the chatter in the mind, allowing stillness through which you can tap into intuitive messages. Practice letting the crystal's own messages into your awareness. See what arises.

All Herkimer "Diamonds" grow in Herkimer, NY and have been gestating for over 500 million years. They are resilient and incredibly strong (inside and out----meaning they are not easy to chip, crack or break---Hallelujah!)

These beautiful illuminating crystals are double-terminated (a crystal point at the top AND the bottom) to allow energy to flow both IN and OUT of the crystal. The crystal to receive and transmit. Nothing gets stuck, nothing is blocked. 



The New Limited Edition Large Sized Herkimer Life-Force Necklaces are about 2-3x the size our regular Life-Force Necklaces and still sit perfectly at the notch of the throat like our regular sized Life-Force Necklaces do--- enhancing awareness around how we use our VOICE to speak our truth. These are LIMITED EDITION, as they are challenging to get a hold of! 

If you are more into the dainty feel of a crystal at your throat, stick with the regular size! All dimensions and photos available on the site! 

We have ALSO just re-stocked our tiny Herkimer's for our Life-Force Chakra Bracelets, which hold the healing vibrations of the Herkimer crystal, as well as energy of the Chakra (energy wheel) you are are working to unblock.They also serve as potent and symbolic reminders that there are invisible threads woven into the fabric of the universe that connect us all.

Reminders of Light. Reminders of Connection. Reminders we are here during this time to bring forth our very best. Expanders of all of the above. 

PLEASE NOTE: No two Herkimer Diamonds are alike. They are all 100% natural, other than the drill hole we create to make them into necklaces. None are perfectly symmetrical or without inclusions/dinks. These are the spots where the Herkimer Crystal has detached from its host matrix rock and is part of its unique personality. If you happen to see tiny black dots in your Herkimer Crystal, that is the dusting of a pre-Neolithic plant mineral called Anthraxalite (which is pretty freaking cool.) 
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Each bracelet comes on a card with the Herkimer Diamond healing info and a mantra for the specific Chakra color you have chosen. When the thread eventually wears thin and unravels over time, your crystal may stay with you or go back to Mother Earth from which it came. Always remember to give gratitude to all the healing that has occurred between you and your POUND piece. Offer reverence, gratitude and maybe even the actual crystal back to the soil. Watch the magic continue to unfold. 

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