A Collection of Talismanic Adornments to help transport us through this season of emerging from what once was to what now is. And into what will soon be. 

Endings and Beginnings hover and percolate through every droplet of air in this time space moment of life. Do you feel this radical shifting as we dissolve and re-formulate? 

Honoring this time with its many swings left, right, up, down and all around back into some state of equilibrium where we can locate ourselves deeply and trust every moment of the path that leads us back to us. 

All of the elements have played a part in this emergent collection: earth, air, fire, water, wind, spirit, song. 

Every planet in the sky has woven bits and pieces of medicine into these pieces. 

And each budding bloom has sung a heart-song into the chain links of these garlands. 

Once you bring these lovely beings home, they are yours to care for, so please find sacred resting spots for them to re-charge when you take them off to sleep at night and shower in the day. 

Keep swimming.