Herkimer Threader Earrings

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Stone of Life Force
Herkimer Quartz crystals are the diamonds of the clear crystal quartz world due to their purity, clarity, and power. They're known as the "Life-Force" crystals, attuning to and then enhancing the intentions and deeds you bring into the world through your energetic vibration. They attract your deepest, truest desires to and through you. All Herkimer Diamonds grow in Herkimer, NY and have been gestating for over 500 million years. They're double-terminated (a crystal point at the top AND the bottom) to allow energy to flow in and out of the stone. Magic.

Materials: Herkimer diamond, mini opal, gold-fill of sterling silver threaders

Length: total length of threader = 4.5". Hangs at about 2.5" from earlobe