with the Zodiac Collection

Astrology is a tool of Divination. And so are the Pendulums.

Since the beginning of human history, individuals and communities across all cultural and belief systems have looked to the sky to access meaning in our terrestrial lives. One of the central tenets of astrology is that there is a correlation between heavenly planetary movements and the events and energies we feel and enact here on Earth. Astrology is a web-like navigational tool that opens portals for us to understand and to KNOW ourselves in a more expansive and spiritual way.

Astrology is a magical tool and compass to help us make sense of our inner and outer worlds. It is a system of order that can give us guidance. Astrology offers us a lens through which we can dance through life stages and changes. It is alive with holy light. Astrology is a sacred language that we all carry within us, should we desire to reach for it.

Since the story of astrology lives in the heavens, and the stones and minerals are born to live and heal with us here on Earth, we have taken some time to listen to the ways in which we could bring these two powerful teachers together into a wearable talisman.

The pieces of this collection were intuited. Zero research was done to combine stones associated with Astrology sign. They were revealed to us. And over time, they may change and evolve.

The Zodiac Collection arose from a call within the ground and the sky so that we could put them together to create cosmic stone portals.

We invite you to approach the Zodiac Collection INTUITIVELY. We all carry ALL of the signs in our charts.

One hypothetical example of how our Zodiac Collection can open new access points from within: Imagine you are a Leo Sun Sign (or insert your actual Sun Sign) but you feel strongly called to the Virgo pendulum. And at first you have no idea why you were called to the Virgo Pendulum, but you trust your body, and therefore unearth a whole new interpretation of yourself you had not consciously known before. Because as it turns out, your Venus is in Virgo and you are working on opening your heart to being of service in a whole new way. And due to the fact that you listened to your gut, you came to know more of yourself than you had known before. And a door was opened for you to peer into new archetypes and patterns and desires that are alive within you. The Virgo Pendulum opened that gate, perhaps.

The ways and waves of constellations and stones sing in spirals. Their dots and touch-points become connectors for the greater web within the design. We weave by collecting the fragments along the way and they come to us through all of the senses, and all of the elements.

There are endless variations of how you may use this Collection.

But at its very core, the pieces in their totality offer clues, hints and glints for us to use as tools of self-trust, affirmation, and clarity as we learn to access more and more of ourselves. So that we may offer more and more of our true medicine.