Cleansing Your Stones

Crystals and stones hold energetic vibrations that help to deflect AND attract other energies based on our intentions. However, at times they need to be cleansed! To best cleanse your POUND piece in a safe manner, SAGE them! The trick is to always sage/palo santo your stones with the INTENTION of “clearing and cleansing” them. You are energetically helping to wipe their slates clean.

Metal Care

In order to freshen up any of your Brass POUND Pieces naturally, use lemon water. Pour one cup of water and half of a lemon into a container. Then add and stir in a teaspoon of salt until dissolved. Place the brass components of your jewelry into the mixture and keep an eye on it until it has reached cleanliness. Gently rinse off in warm water and dry completely. Voila!

Gold-Fill, Rose Gold Fill, and Sterling Silver:
Gently polish out the tarnish with any jewelry cleaning cloth or a polishing cloth.
Please note that most chemicals, perfumes, body oils, lotions, soaps and perspiration can all alter the state of your chain and the metal components of your POUND Piece.

Gold Plated Jewelry:
Use a cotton ball or cotton pad to softly remove debris and restore shine. Rough polishing can remove the gold plating so be gentle.

What to Do if Your Stone Breaks

Stones and crystals are stunning, magnetic, healing forces. That being said, they can also be fragile. Unfortunately, if one of your POUND pendulums falls to the ground or hits a hard surface, the crystal can fracture and chip.

Some tips to prevent breakage:
Place your POUND in its original packaging (pouch and box) when traveling. If you know you are going to be involved in high-intensity movements such as dancing, tuck your crystal into your bra so it does not whack anything (or even yourself).
Almost all of our jewelry pieces are adjustable, so you can wear your necklace higher up on your neck for protection as needed.

IF you happen to crack, chip or break one of your stones, you can send it back to us and we will replace the stone for a fee dependent on the stone that needs replacing + shipping. Though we pray this doesn’t happen!

Handle with Love and Care.