What You Seek is Seeking You







1/2 Pounds

Intuitively designed and made by a family of women


Wearing POUND is a ritual.

Each time you slip it on, you anchor yourself in the intention you had when you selected it.

Over time, it becomes a touchstone. A reminder. A portal of magic not only with the natural world but with your inner life, and it helps you stay connected to the same inner pulse that drew you to it from the beginning.

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A POUND gift card will give your loved ones not only a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry, but the experience of being drawn to the stones that most support what they're calling in.


Pound Jewelry pieces have been one of the most powerful ways I've deepened my connection to myself, nature, and spirit during significant shifts and phases in my life. Each piece has been a symbol and a source of inspiration, offering the opportunity to truly have jewelry with beauty and meaning. Notice for yourself! Can you trust yourself to feel which piece is just right for you in this moment? 

Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya

Each of my POUND jewelry pieces holds a history of my life. Like our ancestors carving stories into the stones, my POUND necklace and bracelets represent a passage or journey I’ve been on. Each piece is unique - and since I’m unique, POUND aligns with how I want to show up in the world.

Betsy Blankenbaker Murphy, author of "Autobiography of an Orgasm"

I’m using Pound pieces to stay connected to my intuition and as milestones during some healing, and they’ve been essential. I’ve been using them to dowse as to what natural medicine I need, and they’ve not been wrong so far. Things really changed for me when I trusted and got my first Pound. They’re very special.


There is something about Pound Jewelry that feels so incredibly different than other "spiritual" jewelry I've tried wearing. Pound Jewelry feels so very "alive," and it is noticed by everyone who comes into contact with it. 

Andrea Sullivan