Sun and Foo Dog Cracked Quartz Necklace

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Vintage Cracked Quartz baubles that are created by taking quartz and heating it, cooling it and re-heating it to give it that cracked inner world of light, reminiscent of natural amber holding fossilized beings inside its core. 

These stones glow from the inside out with amber and iron tones while holding the powerful attunement and magnifying energy of clarity innate to quartz.

Paired with sunstone beads and namely- two hand carved Sunstones that flank the outermost part of the piece--these two stones are carved into Foo Dogs, the ancient Chinese "Lion Dogs" that symbolize matter and spirit in Chinese Buddhism. They are called "Foo Dogs" but are actually mythic guardian Lions that are often seen in pairs at the entryways to buildings, temples and sacred spaces as protectors. 

This piece is a physical embodiment of communion with the Sun and offers an invitation to honor the light from the planet that gives us life. 

14k gold fill chain

Length: 15-17"