Pan's Labyrinth: Spiral to the Heart

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Like steps or bricks laid in a semi-circle emitting energies of Pan the Green Man and his Labyrinth of Lessons. A spiral back to self. A journey in a necklace. 

Green Tourmaline rays, each and every one raw and unique. Paired with various pink and watermelon tourmalines. 

Wisdom lives in the center.

This piece has been energized and blessed under every full and new moon since June. Traveled in a tote to Ireland to soak up the Moss and the Magic. Brought to an ancient Stone Labyrinth on Achill Island where the salt is known as sacred. The stones there speak so much that they built stone homes for the stones to live inside. Literally. 

A Ceremonial Garland. A Living Piece of Love. A Healing Arc. A Gateway to the Beginning, Middle and End. 

14k gold fill

Length: 20-22"