Orange Lotus Herkimer Diamond

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Padparadscha Sapphires are one of the rarest of all sapphires. The word is  derived from the Sinhalese word for an aquatic lotus blossom, which has an unusual salmon color.  Many agree that padparadschas straddle the color boundary between pink and orange and is also the current 2024 "color of the year." 

To us, this sapphire tone and vibration carries a lotus flower blooming from the deep regenerative hibernation we are gently carving forward out of. 

Paired with a hand-picked AAA Herkimer Diamond straight from the ethical, female owned mine in upstate NY. 

Pure Priestess of the Lotus Flower Piece. 

Wire wrapped and stacked, please handle with care.

This is not a piece to workout, swim, sleep, or dance like a maniac in ;) 

We have two. One on gold and one on silver. 

Length: 18-20" 

Each herkimer diamond is completely unique and will not look exactly like the ones in the picture necessarily. Each Herkimer diamond becomes detached from it's host rock once it comes to the surface and ALL of them have indentations and markings where they have come detached. It is not broken or chipped, it is part of the natural beauty of the Herkimer.