Stones shape people over time. 
In Native American tribes across the continent, the ancient word for "God" and the ancient word for "Stone" were the same. 
Our ancestors knew that the stones and minerals had life force. There was never a question about that. 
There would be no life on Earth without the Moon. There is no "us" without mountain, stream or stone. So intertwined are we with ecology that it is impossible to even use the world "object." - Losh Shrei
The same iron in the ground brings color to ancient cave walls and blood to lovers' cheeks as they flush bright.
It is dangerous to close our eyes to the sacredness of the nature all around us. And it is calling.....singing.....dancing.....and writing us LOVE NOTES all the time. 
What does this stone reveal, when you look deeper?
What notes does the music of it play when you listen a little longer, deeper, stiller. 
Brimming with life, the stones. 
The ones you are called to are also calling to you.
Like magnets.
Access the innate mineral power and collide your soul into the sparkling fountain through these luscious love notes from nature in the form of precious handmade  talismans.