Seven Spirits Seven Eyes

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When I finished my yoga training in 2003, my mom gifted me an antique necklace called "the Seven Gods and Goddesses." To this day I keep it in a treasure box inside a wooden treasure chest and open it sometimes when I need a super strong infusion of inspiration. Something to touch and feel that holds awe, enchantment, stories coded in time you can trust. I hardly wear it. Maybe I should. 

When mom made this piece with the Seven Eyes, the same kind of intangible potion of whirling light danced in the air---the kind that is a childhood nostalgia mixed with grounded magic for an adult who has lived a lot of life to be transported back into.

After she made it all of these references started popping up in articles and social media posts and in book club readings. 

They reference the Seven Eyes of God/Seven Eyes of the Lamb/Seven Eyes of Christ/Seven Spirits......

This piece was not created with the intent to be "religious" or anything. But here is what we found when we looked into the Seven Eyes:

"It is significant that in Revelation 5:6 the seven Spirits are the seven eyes of Christ, the Lamb. A person’s eyes cannot be separated from the person himself, for a person’s eyes are his expression. Our inner being is expressed mainly through our eyes. In like manner, the seven Spirits are the seven eyes of Christ by which Christ expresses Himself. As a person and his eyes are one, so Christ and the Spirit are one. Therefore, it is a mistake to say that the Spirit is separate from Christ. Since the seven Spirits are the Holy Spirit and are also the eyes of Christ, then the Holy Spirit, who is the seven Spirits, is not separate from Christ. The seven eyes of Christ, which are the seven Spirits of God, are Christ’s expression in God’s move for God’s building. Today Christ’s eyes are upon us so that we can be transformed and conformed to His image for God’s building.

The last symbol of the Spirit in the New Testament is the river of water of life:

“He showed me a river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its street” (Rev. 22:1).

Take what resonates. Leave the rest. We love symbolism. 

Made with gold vermeil portals like upside down rainbows. Mother of pearl Eyes with opals imbedded in the pearls of the center eyes. 

14k gold fill chain

Length: 18-20"