Mini Third Eye Necklace

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The teensiest 14k gold fill engraved EYE bead on a 14k gold fill or sterling silver chain worn as a talisman for broadening our perspectives. 

We are living in a time that is asking us to open our minds and our eyes wider than ever before. We are individuating on a collective level and witnessing mass grief on this planet. It is a time to open, to expand, to diversify and to include other humans in our quests to build. We can not, nor should we, go it alone. 

We love THIS open eye symbol with her great big lashes and all as a symbol to INCLUDE more people in our visions vs. warding people off. We love this "eye" sitting at the throat to remind us that our words and actions carry creative reverberations of what we wish to see in the world. 

Includes a tiny Life-Force Herkimer Diamond on the back

And lastly, we personally LOVE the mixing of metals with the golden eye and the silver chain.