Golden Scarab with Rubies: A Re-Birth

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Symbolizing and wildly revered in ancient Egypt as a totem of the life-death-re-birth cycle. An amulet of resurrection and transformation = the scarab with wings. 

Used in funerary art since ancient times, the scarab has stood the test of time and continues to serve as a potent symbol likened to the Sun "dying" and being re-born anew each and every day.

During this incredible time of shift and change in the world at large, it is just as important to let go what needs letting go of. Forever. Until it is ready to be re-born. This is the ultimate surrender into trust.

Rubies are Heart Openers, Root Chakra Stabilizers and regal in their raw beauty and fierce strength. A mothering quality to this gem of depth.

22k gold plated Scarab Beetle with Wings, Rubies, on 14k gold fill chain

Length: 17-19"