The Fairy Collection

The Fairy Collection is an offering of sweetness encapsulated in adornments that honor the essence of the Fairy and Flower Realms. 

Inspired by the boundless inner imaginary worlds we create that become reflected in our outer worlds when we open our minds and our hearts. It is no coincidence that Venus begins her retrograde underworld journey through the zodiac sign Leo  today. 

Leo is playful, child-like, creative, expressive, and heart-forward focused. It takes courage to return to the essence of our inner child and to embody the spirit of enchantment, wonder and awe. Venus is love, beauty, romance, and art.
Retrograde cycles are a time to reflect, remember and re-activate the parts of us we have forgotten. A time to re-connect with and take action in the direction the compass of our heart points to. This collection is a reminder to return to the original callings of the heart and what it is longing for. That is the path to follow and flow with. 

Repeatedly, I am reminded that this is where synchronicities, miracles and magic live: In My Heart. 
And despite what the mind may say, what the world actually needs more of is our heart-centered authentic paw print. I locate mine through the art of play. 

Our imaginations created entire worlds we could live inside when we were little. This collection is a reminder to return to those worlds as often as possible.

A plethora of childhood relics and treasures were collected and choreographed into an altar to help open the doorway for energies to assist the creation of these pieces. The altar became a portal to invite in the fairies, mer-people, elves, gnomes, pixies, the devas, and a whole host of other nature beings who tend to the flowers and the twinkling glimmers between the leaves of the trees.

A recent trip to the Emerald Isle, aka Ireland, spurred inspiration  a plot of mossy green sheep-filled mountain vistas overlooking bogs, ancient stones, fairy portals, flower hats and glittering ocean waves where the veil to the realm of the Fae is thin and the essence of their life-force is deeply revered, felt, and welcomed.

As we opened ourselves to the possibility of this mini collection we felt excitement. Excitement gave way to rapture and thrill, as crystals, stones, trinkets, beads, dangles, and ideas began to reveal themselves as if out of a thinly veiled hologram (which it is, lol.) 

We followed their sweet trail of glitter crumbs and were able to locate, collect and design some of the most magical stone ornaments imbued with the clearest of intentions:
to spark savory aliveness

May you find the ones that light up the real you. You will know by tuning into what your heart feels ignited by. 

Collage Magician: Mia Kannapell
With SO MUCH love from our Fairy Flower Hearts to Yours