Pieces of Pisces 💙

Ever since the Sun entered Pisces it's as if Ive been in some sort of dissolving phase like when the caterpillar becomes mush and molecules. A space of noticing and observing the parts that are falling away and I am just letting them drop from my fingertips without my typical death grip. Oddly I feel zero fear surrounding this current liminal space, just a constant and conscious curiosity.
An allowing. 

Perhaps you like me are finally feeling ready to let the newness birth itself and can trust that the parts from the past we hold dearly will come too, if they are meant to. 

Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac and holds the energy of evolved ether---an ability to dissolve to reformulate. Droplets of water floating in the air creating precipitation and mist. 
A fog that can create illusion but these unclear ideas can also become the droplets dreams are made of. 
Pisces holds a place of beginnings and endings. Dismemberment for remembering. 

The Pisces Pendulum is a fellow traveler and stone support for these really potent yet somehow soft times when we realize we have been feeling into where we are AT for so long that we can finally fall gently into alignment with where are are ready to be headed. 
Blue Onyx, also named Lumerian Aquatine Calcite, is a soothing stone for healers. The vibrations of this chalcedony formation is an opening to the Third Eye, the Crown, AND the Throat Chakras - three centers that come together creating new channels of sight for spoken songs. Paired with a light bright luminescent opal sphere sitting like a crystal ball for the oracle in us all to be nourished. 
Pisces Pendulum
Pisces is just one of the twelve signs. Eleven other Zodiac Pendulums are available and the way many of you are working them is precisely how they were designed to be accessed: by picking the one you feel the most called to and then looking to your natal astrology to understand WHY you were called to that piece. Lots of folks intuiting their North Node and their Venus signs, which is fascinating as the North Node points to our destiny and Venus points to how we connect to beauty, art, and love. So basically, you are romancing the stone
Zodiac Collection
I love this picture! As I photographed the Pisces Pendulum, some sort of rainbow dappled slinky-like vortex portal appeared. A tunnel. A canal. A worm hole between space and time. This is the only time I have ever seen a light like this appear in all my years of photographing stones and for some reason I have no words for, it felt exactly right. 
More POUND pieces vibrating energies of Pisces.....

Seven Spirits Seven Eyes

Mother of Pearl with Opals. This piece holds the symbolism of Seven: gates, chakras, planets, energy centers, eyes of the lamb, spiritual enlightenment. Ancient evil eyes for protection and for heightened awareness. Insight and intuition. This piece is something special. 

Seven Spirits Necklace »

Bells of Truth

Pairing these stones together feels like a dream of energies coming together to help us during this incredible time of CHANGE. Both hold color-ways that help smooth out the path before us as we continue to climb past resistance living inside our cells towards a more expanded way of living in our current truth.

When Truth Rings »

Beyond the vast wide net of blue, we love you,
 Linda, Becca and Mia