The Aquarian Heart

The Super New Moon in Aquarius is a big one and within one day of the new moon, ALL of our major planets will be direct.

Forward momentum feels like the truth and to me, it actually finally feels like the New Year is really finally here. I was reading earlier in the week about water holding memories and that grabbed me---which led me to read about seawater and how the salt in the water carries an electrical charge, just like the crystals do. I went further down the rabbit hole (Chinese New Year of the Rabbit too!!) and remembered that duh, we carry salt-water within our human bodie----- we cry salty tears don't we?!? And since we are made of some 70% water, many scientists who are in the realm of studying energy, the quantum, the magic of water, and crystalline structures actually refer to the human body as a "living liquid crystal."

I love that. 

If I could paint a picture of what the crystalline body in the human form looked like on an Aquarian Super New Moon, it would look like this piece we created last week that we named the Aquarian Heart.
Scolecite is a long slender prismatic white stone. It is a hydrated calcium silicate.
Hydrated = lots of water.
Calcium = strength like in our bones.
Silicate = salt. Silicates are what assist all technology is rapid communication.
Quick like lightning, powerful like consciousness. 

Scolecite feels linked to the dwarf planet Salacia, a Planet and Goddess, which was named after the Roman Goddess of Seawater who was the wife of Neptune, God of the Sea. 

We paired the Scolecite pendulum, one that clears blockages that exist in all the chakras to promote more fluidity and grace upon our internal movements, with a mini pearl. A tiny reminder of the wisdom that lives inside the oceans and even the tiniest of animals and creatures within it. 
We also added Aquamarine to the necklace, which literally means: "water of the sea." 
And a Burmese Ruby. A stone that holds the pulse of the frequency of the heart of the beautiful Earth; the Great Mother. 

The special combination of these stones together bring about a kinetic energy that assists us in clearing the blocks to the physical and energetic body that keep us feeling as if love or the things we most desire for our hearts is something we have to gain from the outside. It is a piece to remember that it is an act of rebellion in the most beautiful way to take a moment and deeply breathe the love that you already are back into yourself. Like water filling itself up into a cloud that floats in the sky and makes shapes for us to dream about. A cloud that eventually lets it's water fall like salty tears back into the salty sea, re-charging it full of who are are as a collective. 

You can wear your talisman and use it as a tool to draw the remembering of your magic back alive and bright as a star in the night into your heart. 
The Aquarian Heart
Protective evil eyes made of pearl and opal and tourmaline. Minerals of strength and recycling negative energy into new, positive, usable energy. Eyes that can listen to the subtle cues when worn on the ears, opening up the way we hear one another on a deeper level. 
Opal Eyes
Magic on the Heart. 
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May we use this profoundly powerful New Moon energy to plant the seeds in the soil of our own knowing, into the power of our own heart that holds the keys to the doors we think may live outside of ourselves. May we plant love into the Earth that brings the waters we feel separating into closer communion with one another. May we know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the heart knows what the mind can not, and let it lead us to the vast open space where water and air can mix into higher states of frequency inside our very own cells, amplifying the crystalline energy that we already are. 

All the love from our crystal hearts to yours,
Becca, Linda and Mia