New Luminaries of Light Online

The Crystals and Stones start out like Seeds in the Dark Soil, taking their sweet time growing until they are ready to blossom and crystallize into their beautiful selves.

During times of incredible change and mysteriously concealed outcomes, we sometimes need prophetic nudges to trust that the most stunning blooms occur after an extensively lengthy germination experienced underground.

We have been working on and adding creations to a Collection that serve to guide us through these times of the Unknown. They are like beacons during periods where we are traveling through curving portals with no apparent light at the end.

We call them The Luminaries of Light. Because that is EXACTLY what they are.

Just like all POUND Collections, this Assembly of Stones is comprised of One-Of-A-Kind unique magics that each hold their own format of Healing. And those healings definitely rely on the minerals within each Piece, however, they also configure themselves into grand and multi-dimensional Lights to assist in guiding us through moments of huge transformation during a highly transformative time.

We just listed many more of them online and will continue to do so for as long as they continue arranging themselves into Openings like Windows. Or Doorways. Or Gates. Sometimes more like Thresholds, but always always always. they lead the way with glowy illuminating gleams.


Garden of Night and Light

The Spirit Wave

Each and every Luminary has its own Message to reveal to you in time, often revealed in the Play of Light.

Launched on the New Moon In Cancer on July 9th as a reminder to always Nourish the Self and in honor of the beautiful Earth, Sea, Wind and Fire for creating and sharing these sparkly Seedlings of Pure Incandescent Beauty.

Enjoy Sweet Ones! Sending you all Huge Heart Hugs, wherever you find yourself right now on your grand adventurous journey of life.

Streams and Seas and Mountains of Love,
the POUND girls.

P.S. This is Mia modeling the Magic and the flowers are real. :) She is a magician. xoxo