Crystal Luminaries that help Light the way as we journey through the tides of this human life. 

Every once in awhile we need a little bit (or a-lot-a-bit) of Guidance. The gifts from our current reality always come find us in Divine Timing. But it is nice to have a reminder. 

These Pieces are Powerful because you will feel their Pulse; both through the screen AND when they hit your skin. 

Our wish is that they help you soften into deeper trust. No matter what you are going through, know that it will move. It will shift. It will change face and tone. This moment holds worth. It is note-worthy. It may be that this is the largest storm leading to the most profoundly peaceful tranquility. 

Every stone in this Collection gas been hand-selected, hand-cut in sacred geometrical patterns and holds incredible Luminescent and Enchanting Healing. 

Each and every one has their own Message to reveal to you in time, often revealed in the play of Light. 

Launched on the New Moon In Cancer as a reminder to always Nourish the Self. You are Home. And as a huge thank you to the Mother of us all, our beautiful Earth for creating and sharing these sparkly seedlings of pure Beauty.