As Above, So Below

As above, so below
As within, so without

I realized the other day in pottery class that when things get off track in my world, I have a very hard time believing that me myself and I can fix them. If the clay gets bumped by my elbow while I am throwing it on the wheel, I raise my hand for the teacher to come mend it. I do not trust myself to repair it myself. I have always had someone by my side who could mend things for me and help set them right. I honor this truth for the gift it is and also am coming to realize I have not necessarily done myself a service by consistently expecting someone else to fix it. 

I had a very strong desire to learn how to build a fire. I enlisted a friend with a fireplace to teach me. I couldn't do it. I flailed around like a handless maiden so certain I couldn't do it that I was unable to even fully try. Try after try; the fire waned into nothingness.
I just figured, "this fire-making-thing is simply not for me."
I decided to be ok with the fact that I will always be the girl that shows up and watches other people build a beautiful red glow, but never be able to hold that skill-set. I pronounced to myself---"I shall just  fall back on my amazzzinnngggg sense of humor and laugh at myself in that cute self-deprecating way I have gotten so good at. Forever."

Until a month or so later and I HAD to build a fire. No one was there to help me and the heat had gone out and it was 50 degrees in the house and I was freezing my ass off.

I built the goddamn fire.

It took three tries and an embarrassing amount of supplies that I was painfully aware of "wasting", but I assembled the logs into the tee-pee and I set it aflame and it burned and glowed.

I even kept it alive for hours on end!!!!!! 

The feeling that this mini triumph evoked----Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the feeeeeeeling this evoked. I fashioned something from inanimate to living and I tended to its survival. 
The way POUND works her magic into the world is that its essence mirrors our current lived experience. Based on this building fire business and working to unfold the strength and capacity I hold at my core, the piece As Above, So Below was born (a quote via the legendary Hellenistic figure Hermes Trismegistus that I love so so much.) This piece is lovingly comprised of raw Emerald and a little oval shaped lightning ridge Opal from Australia.

The Opals symbolize the fire of the cosmos. The universal intelligence. The mirror in the sky and the world beyond worlds beyond our wildest imaginations that are there for us to reach to.

The Emerald is the day to day DOING. The step by step earthly tasks of walking one foot in front of the next and the grounding into the power that keeps us physically moving, nourished and alive.

A raw and rocky rumble and tumble of a piece that encapsulates the feeling of new worlds being created, which resonates as truth during the huge planetary shifts we have been living into all month and the path of revealing our powers to ourselves, and for ourselves. 
We also just added a few other one of a kind powerful pendulums that carry fossils and lines and woven threads of non-linear lives in the new collection. Seek the button below if called! 

Thank you so much for being here, tuning in, and as always, thank you for loving the stones and crystals that you come to own, and that are calling you home.