Total Solar Re-Birth Portal: 6

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Someone asked recently, could you make a talisman representative of the total solar eclipse in Aries? We were already working on it, and this is one of them.

Striking awe in the sense of being able to experience something with our own eyes that feels magnanimous, illuminating, fantastical, and almost unbelievable.....these Carnelian pendulums have carved cave geode portals lined with crystalline interiors - symbols of the secrets that live inside of us, the beauty and treasures being found deep from within, and an invitation to step through the door created when the North Node, Chiron, the Moon, and the Sun came together in the sign of re-birthing the self anew.

Rare (we have literally never seen such insane formations that feel divinely timed and placed, ever before.) 

This one does not have an actual cut out cavernous GEODE in it, but has geodesic formations inside it. Paired with 3 Rubies for the Courageous Heart. 

Infinity, 8 year, Year of the Dragon, North Node in Aries, Cycles and Phases, Deep Healing work that has helped us shift out of old patterns and awakened us to something ancient and true from within our cellular beings. 

On 14k gold fill

Length: 28"