Ouroboros Necklace

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The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that spans across cultures but possibly originated in ancient Egypt as found in in a funerary text in the tomb of Tutankhamun as early as 14th century BCE.

It is a symbol of Renewal. Rebirth. Cycles. Life and Death. A symbol of the serpent dragon eating its own tail. It holds association with the nodes of the moon- north and south- our Karma and our Destiny points that loop us together in the center, feeding our motivations and desires and evolution. 

This symbol has been woven into our POUND logo due to its incredibly symbology and Scorpionic Moon nature, which runs deep in our family line. The ouroboros is a part of each of our every sense of being-ness...as we are all constantly shedding in order to grow into new skin and selves. 

These serpents OPEN AND CLOSE (see picture 3!) and we will be adding "charm pieces" to the site as soon as we can so that you may add charms to your serpent piece in the future. Though they are elegant, powerful, and Perfect worn alone. 

The Ouroboros is gold plated in 14k gold (best to keep them away from water and chemicals) and refrain from opening and closing them repeatedly with force to help them live longer! We may not be able to replace the serpents should you lose yours or damage it with water and chemical exposure due to limited availability, so please handle with love and care. 

We only have gold at the moment, are working on getting them in silver and also working on obtaining more of them, as we only have a limited supply at the moment and a high demand. 

Made on 14k gold fill snake chain: Length 17-19"