Kali Necklace

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Opals were once said to be "Bad Luck," a myth made up by the Diamond Industry to decrease competition from these illuminating and fascinating marvelous stone creatures. The Opal is pure Magic. No two ways about it. 

The stones that make up the KALI PIECE are called "black opals." Unlike ordinary opals, black opals have carbon and iron oxide trace elements present, which cause the unusual darkness of the stone. Because of their dark body tone, the rainbow colors in a black opal are very loud and electric.

This piece was designed with the energies of this 02/22/2022 portal and the intense vibrations that are swirling around. With the Pluto Return of the USA on 02/20/2022 (think darkness, mystery, underworld, sex, power, shadows, that which is un-named) being brought to the surface and looked at for the first time in approx 250 years, since the USA was founded/Declaration signed.

This piece is not only designed for the Pluto Return where we (POUND ladies live) but for ALL of the POTENT powerful mysterious energies that must be faced right now in order for us to cut through the veils of illusion and that which is pulling us down. A piece for Cutting ties to energies that suck the life out of us. A FIERCE talisman for your FIERCE brave soul coming forward with Your Whole Being. Every single part of you is welcome. 

There are two options for the KALI piece currently. 

Option One: is with a Natural Ethical Green Diamond. Strength and Brilliance and Bold Bright Inner Knowing. 

Option Two: is with a Green Moldavite stone on the side (Magic that formed when a Meteor Crashed into Earth---LITERALLY.)----DEEP TRANSFORMATION.