Heart of the Earth Choker

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Rubellite, aka Red Tourmaline, serves as the Heart of the Earth. An electric and powerfully rooted stone that pulses and resonated with the Heart Chakra like no other. It is a bright gemmy pink fused with deep red and is full of passion, drive, will-power and determination. 

A stone that holds its own electric charge, helps ward off EMFs and is a powerful protector, it is also imbued with incredible life-force to spread love within and throughout our relationships and way beyond. This is a piece to amplify to way we hold the Earth and she so lovingly holds us. 

Cut in the shape of a Triangle. A Pyramid. A representation of Mind, Body, Spirit. Past, Present, Future. 

Deep reverence. 

Made on 14k gold fill or sterling silver.


Length: 15-17"