Stone of Soul's Purpose. Most often appearing emerald green and cluster-like in nature, Uvarovite is also known as "green garnet" and "Russian druzy" and has the ability to link one’s soul to its universal purpose and nature. It is also a strong stone for promoting prosperity and wealth by opening the channels and our capacity to receive. Emotionally, Uvarovite can increase our sense of self-worth and decrease our feelings of scarcity or lack. This is especially important during times of a break-up with a loved one—be it an intimate partner, close friend or family member—and is here to remind us we are not alone. Rather, we are part of the universal code and web of all things eternal and interconnected within nature. This stone is one of our favorites, not only because it is visually stunning, but also because the Uvarovite we use is of such high quality and feels so incredible when worn. It is a feeling that is difficult to express in words. You might just have to try it yourself!