How to Use Your Pendulum

1. Grab your POUND pendulum! Once you've got your pendulum, take a moment to center yourself. Clear your mind by taking a few deep breaths until the thoughts begin to settle and you feel a deeper connection to your inner stillness. Take your time. No need to rush the process.

2. Hold the chain 6-8 inches from the pendulum and begin to ask simple questions to test that it is swinging clockwise to answer "Yes" and counter-clockwise to answer "No." Suggestions: Am I in (city of choice)? Is my hair (color of choice)? Your pendulum might not swing clockwise for “Yes” and counterclockwise for “No.” Continue to practice and learn how your specific pendulum decides to swing your answers for you. Be patient, as the pendulum requires time and love to work with you and your intuition in a systematic manner.

3. Ask your questions. Yes or No format is best. Sincere intentions go a long way. Use your POUND pendulum to affirm decisions or when you need a little nudge to go in a particular direction. Let the pendulum whisper words of wisdom to you, bring comfort and light in the midst of challenging decisions, as well as joy and celebration—affirming changes of direction that align more closely with your soul.

***The pendulum is a way to connect to your Highest Self. So if you ask something like, "Am I a banker?" the pendulum may say "No" because your Highest Self sees you not as a "banker" but as a Being of Light who brings balance, femininity, and joy to a corporate environment. Be conscious of any limiting beliefs you may have, because they will not be supported by the pendulum. The pendulum only responds to your eternal being...providing a whole new threshold to understanding your world...and Self. Enjoy!