The Lion's Gate Collection

This collection is designed to support the light within you so you may shine and expand into the life you're meant to be living, one in which you focus less on "how" and more on the sound of your heart beating loudly from within. Wear them anytime you want to feel your heart as a compass, lighting the path forward towards full embodiment of your truest expression.

Power Activation. Energy Rising. Heart Alignment. Your Time is Now.

Every year around 8/8, there is a cosmic alignment of the Earth and the heliacal rise of the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, that shines 25 times brighter than our sun. Sirius is a source of spiritual light and a symbol of abundance, creativity, and in Greek means “glowing” or “sparkling.”

This powerful blast of light on our planet that emanates from this portal while the Sun is in Leo is tied to ancient Egypt and known as “The Lion’s Gate.” A potent time honored as a wave of massive energetic activation and a rise in consciousness occurs. 

The stones selected for this collection will all help draw down this transmission into your body.

If this sounds like woo-woo talk, it's not. Our bodies are constructed around light, pulsing clusters of energy. We're drawn to the Stars and the Moon because our physical bodies naturally gravitate towards the source of the shimmering powers which quite literally “light the way.” These luminaries shine brightest amongst the darkest of skies. The pitch black night reveals the light.

Due to the power of the light that lives captured within the stones and crystals, they tend to get rather loud around this time of year, feeling in greater alignment with the natural world than they do during the winter months. In the last two months, we have especially been feeling a larger than life pull towards OBSIDIAN.

Obsidian is a “stone” that is actually a “glass” because it hardens from lava so quickly with no time to form a crystalline structure. This metamorphic magic acts as a swift healer, a talisman of the Shamans, and a tool for cutting energetic and physical threads that are ready for release.

Obsidian is classified as a mineraloid and dates back to the Old Stone Age when it was fashioned into arrowheads, knives, axe heads and polished into mirrors for seeing into the past, present, and future, making it a kind of ancient crystal ball. It has been known to assist humans across the globe to face the truth of the shadows that pull us into the depths of our own internal caverns. We go into these metaphoric caves within so that we may truly see what patterns are keeping us tethered to outdated versions of self.  

Adorn the altar of your body with these highly vibrational pieces as your own shamanic talismans to cast light through your inner cave, revealing what's ready to be released and where you're being called to shine more brightly. Your time has come, and it is NOW.


Brilliant Sunshine After a Storm

The Sun's Sabian Symbol on 8/8

The Sabian Symbols are a set of 360 phrases that correspond to the wheel of the zodiac. The symbol for 8/8 invokes times when storms come through your life, sweeping away elements of that have been clogging up situations, clearing the air, and resolving issues. It also shows the ability to pick yourself up after some difficulty or crisis. The trick is to notice the gift of the brilliant sunshine as the clouds part and life takes on a calmer, happier tone. The worst is probably over and situations can resolve themselves; things dry out and recovery begins. There is always more cleaning up and work to be done, but you should enjoy the release and pleasure of the relief that follows a storm. The warmth of renewal. Recovery. Religious experiences. Good news after bad. Relief and joy. The sun breaking through the clouds. The contrasts that make life so rich and dynamic, up one minute down the next.

With the Sun in Leo, we are given the courage to use our hearts as a compass.

With the brightest star in the sky rising, we are emboldened with extra radiant light as armor to bravely face what it's time to face. And with Obsidian in tow, we have maybe the most powerful tool of the mineral world to become more free to shine and to roar in ways that bring us closer and tighter to our truest shimmering essence.

We have three different variations of Obsidian to share with you as you step up and into your glowing light: Golden Obsidian Pendulum, Rainbow Obsidian Tear Drop Orb, and Black Obsidian Hexagon.

PLEASE NOTE: It is impossible to capture the full essence and light of these stones in photographs. In person, they shimmer and shine even more brightly than we can capture, and wearing them feels like plugging yourself into the sun. Bright, bold light. Deep power. Major activation. If you feel the call towards one, trust that call and follow it.