Eudialyte and Black Tourmaline: Dissolving Stone

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Eudialyte is new to us and carries the essence of the Dragon. Since we are in the year of the Dragon and also a number 8 year, this feels like potent medicine.

This stone helps usher the parts of us that are dissolving and melting away. It acts as an aid to the heart and the root chakra to remind us we are secure, and we are loved, as we let old patterns and habits fall to the ground to be re-utilized by the soil beneath. 

A talisman for those wishing to let go of the fantasy fairy-tale prince charming savior story and connect to the inner Dragon who boldly moves forward into uncharted territory for exploration, adventure and possibility. 

Paired with black tourmaline stones that have calcite inclusions on them.

Raw. Strong. Medicine. 

Metal choice

Length: 28"