Herkimer Quartz "Life-Force" Choker Necklaces: Large on Paper Clip Chain

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Herkimer Quartz crystals are the diamonds of the clear crystal quartz world due to their purity, clarity and power. They are known as the "Life-Force" crystals, attuning to and then enhancing the intentions and deeds you bring into the world through your energetic vibration. They help attract your deepest, truest desires both to and through you. 
All Herkimer crystals grow in Herkimer, NY and have been gestating for over 500 million years. They are double-terminated (a crystal point at the top AND the bottom) to allow energy to flow in and out of the stone. They are pure Magic. 
Herkimer Crystals are literally known as the "Diamonds" of the mineral world. These little beings hold an incredible amount of light and energy for us to work with.
This piece is made to sit at the "notch" at the throat, enhancing and magnifying that which we speak and bring voice to. They are little in size and magnanimous in energy.
Each and every Herkimer Diamond is unique.
They are all 100% natural and many contain little "fractures" or  tiny "rough spots" where they have become unattached from their host rock, aka Dolostone. 

Crystal Dimensions: approx 1.3" x 1.3" 

Materials: Quartz Crystal, 14k gold fill or sterling silver thin paper clip chain.


1. At the throat chakra: 14-16" ---meant to be worn at the throat to amplify VOICE, TRUTH

2. At the heart chakra: 17-19"---meant to be worn near the heart to amplify LOVE

***All crystals are unique. Natural crystals and stones do not grow perfectly symmetrical and may not appear exactly as imaged in photos.  Every single Herkimer Crystal has mini divets and inclusions where they have broken off from their matrix rock. They are not "chipped" or "faulty", they are simply raw and radical.

NOTE: Every single piece is handmade to order. Please allow up to TWO WEEKS for your items to ship, though we try our best to get each order out within 2-3 days!! (regardless of which shipping method you choose!)