When we enact Magic, the Magic levels up

How long a day lasts depends on our perspective. From a geocentric perspective here on Earth, one day = 24 hours. After mentioning that the number 6 is associated with Venus, Mom randomly came upon an article that relayed: an entire day on Venus (equivalent of 243 Earth Days) is longer than an entire year on Venus (equivalent of 224 Earth days.) Time is so radical and funny.

What mostly jumped out to me after mentioning Venus in the magical chart of meaning yesterday for our sale is how the #24 kept showing up. Every time I looked at the order numbers coming in from the site or the analytics, the numbers 24 were there in a really big way.

I went to a restaurant yesterday which is pretty rare for me these days and received a numbered placard for my order number. Which was of course, magical number 24! See pic below for proof! ;)

All of this to say, when we enact magic, when we actually take the hit from our intuition and make a move towards it---Magic levels up to meet us, as if it is saying: Thank you for listening, I am always here. I will show up when you do.

Recall Your Magic!
Love 2 you All,
Linda, Becca and Mia <3