What stones make good gifts?

A Question We Receive Often Re: Crystals: 
"What is a good stone for a gift?"

The question varies in specifics based on the intention of the gift, be it graduation, marriage, grief and loss, spiritual awakening, mothers day, or just to show someone some love.  

Depending on the circumstance or how well I know the inquirer, at times a stone will come flashing into my mind and it will feel so lucid to me precisely the energy needed for that human and event.

Sometimes I direct the querier to feel into the colors, energies, images and overall essence of the giftee. Then after formulating the feeling of the recipient, I encourage them to browse the site or the POUND instagram and often a piece/stone/crystal will pop out with a clear message that will sound like this:

When the intention is clear, we can not pick a stone or talisman incorrectly. My go-to gift in general at this moment in time is either something that so powerfully and outright-over-encompassingly exudes the nature of the person I am gifting something to OR- I go with a Herkimer Diamond.

Why the Herkimer?

Because they are power house life-force pieces of magic that carry coded messages from over 500 million years ago. 
These crystals are so brilliant in their simplicity and their messaging.

They emanate magic out to the world straight from our chests, throats, and hearts the parts of our magnetism that can not be defined in words, rather only experienced through the intangible hologram that surrounds us. Because the Herkimers bring light to any part of our aura we have lost loving connection with. And everyone can use a little of that medicine from time to time, no matter what part of the journey we are living into.

This is most likely the LAST TIME we will discount the Herkimer Life-Force Necklaces and Herkimer Chakra Bracelets.
These stunning living loving Earthen gifts are becoming harder to source and we work extra extra to bring home to you the ones that shine the most brightly.


The Clear Quartz Pendulum (also discounted currently for our Spring Clearing Sale), is another epic option to help fit gifting needs.

Clear Crystal Quartz is the most abundant mineral on the planet, and the reason for that is because it is the most needed mineral on the planet. This crystal attunes to the vibrations we are emitting and helps bring balance, stability, clarity and amplification of our intentional truths.

In the midst of this Scorpio South Node Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which is all about shedding of patterns, persons, and possessions that have been revealing themselves for review since November 2021, Clear Quartz is a Master Healer to assist us in bringing translucence to the next best steps in our becoming.