Total Solar Re-Birth Geode Pendulums

Someone recently asked us, "What would it look like if you created a necklace that resembles the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries?" These fire-filled- Aries-infused-crystalline-lined cavernous pieces portray what that would look like.
And they feel like doorways that have been brought to life from pure heart-striking AWE.

Carnelian is the stone of fertility, birth, re-birth, sacral songs, passion, and action. Oranges and reds, relating to and connected to the Root and the Sacral: our sense of self and stability. A stake in the ground that says, "hey world, here I am." A stone of knowing thyself and energizing the parts of us that are ready to rise from the ashes into our next bright becoming. 
Literal caves filled with crystal floors live inside some of these insanely rare and special pieces of ember etched in earth. Each one was intuitively paired with a crystal that assists its visible and deeply felt magic. Every single one a relic of hundreds, if not thousands of years in the formulation. Alchemous coves. Doorways to the inner world of glimmering light that we get to touch when we dare delve deep. 
Total Solar Re-Birth Portal: 2
Each carries her own song and her own medicine. These pieces feel forged from the fire and designed to spark our hearts into action. Each made with 14k gold fill chain because these are incredibly rare, unique, one-of-a-kind finds that we have never seen before, and might not ever locate again. Please handle with incredible care. These are altar pieces meant to adorn the self during sacred moments where intention is held deeply in the heart as we expand. 
Total Solar Re-Birth Portal: 6

Some of these carnelian cauldrons have literal geode-caverns carved into their bodies by nature. They look like wombs, arches, and/or entry-ways.

Some carry the geode formations of crystalline gates inside their dense structure vs. having the larger more obvious "holes."
The inner geodes are visible when held to the light.

A couple of these magical chalcedonies are more like cave paintings, seemingly etched with minerals such as hematite, ochre and manganese oxide.

Each and every one inspires a jaw-drop. A holy moly iterated from the gut. Awe. So. Much. Awe.

Like seeing the Sun and the Moon merge as ONE for a few moments in chronological time, while remembering we are always in a process of fragmenting ourselves to merge back into totality of self. 

Image of a re-birth portal eclipse from subterraneanthunder on instagram
Image of the total solar eclipse of the North Node, the Moon, the Sun and Chiron the wounded healer in Aries from Nasa
hugest blessings as the energy of transformation and profound potential continues to move through us over the next 6 months post total solar eclipse. huge waves of fire-water love as we each root more beautifully into our authentic selves and deepest gifts. may they be spread wide and far to all who they are meant to meet.