They're Back! Large Herkimer Diamond Necklaces

A small limited edition batch of some of the most pristine Large Herkimer Life-Force Necklaces are now available online. The tension has been building as we have been trying to get this size for awhile now and so many requests have come in for them. 

The time is now. Right near the seasonal shift and beginning of Libra Season, Herkimers help bring BALANCE. This sense of balance is represented physically and visibly by the crystal point on the top AND the bottom of the crystal. Crystals with two points allow energy to flow straight through the center where balance lives. 

We believe the crystals that are most abundant on our planet are prolific because they are so very needed at this time for healing and expanding. Clear quartz is the most bountiful crystal on the planet by far. And Herkimer Diamonds are the clearest, most magnetic, most clarifying---and in our experience, the most powerful clear crystals in the clear quartz multiverse. 

Each and every single Herkimer has been gestating for over 500 million years in their own "pockets" or "womb spaces" inside a matrix rock of dolostone, keeping their crystal points on either end protected and their life-force continuously brewing until they reach the surface of the topside world. 

If you are from New York, have lived, or presently live in the New York area, you may feel yourself even more magnetized by the Herkimers, as this is where they grow. Our bodies recognize the energies and minerals deep inside the heart of the land. 

Some sweet tips to deepen your connection to your Herkimer:

~We recommend that you spend some time attuning to your Herkimer diamond when you receive it by just holding it in your hand and asking if it has any messages for you. The specific crystal that came to you was called to you for this leg of your journey. Trust that. 

~Closing your eyes can be helpful when taking a few moments to feel the frequency and energy of the crystal to free up space from external distractions.

~Infuse it with your own energy and love and speak what is coming through your heart as you hold it. 

~Set an intention with your piece and ask it to help guide you. You are connected now. 

~When you put your necklace on, do so with attention and awareness. Make a little space for the art of sacred adornment so you are not in a rush. Let the donning of your crystal talisman become its own ritual. Remember you are placing a powerful treasure gifted from Mother Earth on your neck like a garland of magic.

~Lastly not leastly, be open to the beauty that unfolds. Watch your intuition heighten. And your energy become attuned to that of this brilliant crystal. 

Thank you for being guardians of these potent sources of light.
Each crystal was hand-selected, hand-drilled and hand-made by us with so much love and care.

You can feel a shift the minute you put one (or many) in your hand or near your heart.
Large Herkimer Diamond Necklaces
We now have two lengths available:
~14-16" length to sit at the Throat Chakra, amplifying voice and truth
~17-19" length to sit at the Heart Chakra, amplifying love and harmony
These pieces of rock magic are by far and away some of the most magnifying stones we have had the honor of working with and they shine like the sun which means they will probably attract new people into your orb. Be ready. :) 
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The ones that we are called to are always calling to us. 

So much love from us to you <3