The Transition

We are in a time of potent Transition

This month, we have seen and/or are seeing:

  • A New Moon in Aries (happy cosmic new year!)
  • The Spring Equinox (happy nature new year!)
  • Saturn Entered Pisces 3/21 (for the next 3 years)
  • Pluto Enters Aquarius 3/23 (for the next 20 years!)
  • Venus Entered Taurus 3/16 (earthy sensuality for spring)
  • Mars Enters Cancer 3/25 (domestic nourishment)
In other words: March holds the biggest astrology of the year, the effects of which we are most likely FEELING. (I know I am.) 

During this period of active internal and external change, we have been brought in more ways than one to explore the idea of Animism. Everything is teeming with life and we can speak to the natural world. Animism is defined by the Oxford dictionary as follows: 

  1. the attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena.
  2. the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.
    "a village steeped in ancient animism and rituals"

This particular collection focuses her magic on two major themes: Support for Transitions and a Return to Ritual Adornment. 

I believe the precursor to ritual adornment is remembering that the stones are alive and speaking. The concept of animism is helping me understand how through connecting to nature, I connect to myself and the people around me. When I gaze into a gem, I have the opportunity to open my eyes to the universe.

As a tree is embellished by leaves, we embellish our trunks with trinkets. We link ourselves to the tree by imitating it. This is how we learn to remember our internal truth.

Instead of telling you what we believe the stone will do for you, in this collection we focused on how YOU can tap into the speaking breathing life-force SOUL of the stones themselves.

We noticed and meditated on how each piece imitates a different source of life, such as a blaze or a mountain. We put our attention on what element or phenomenon from nature each piece was emanating.

The description of each piece was determined by the animate beings and cycles in nature that each stone felt connected to: Lava, Sky Particles, Water Beings, the Sun, green green Grass.....and so on. 

In this way, we allowed each piece to have its own soul. Its own breath. Its own life. It's own calling. 

Trust the one that is calling you to connect with the ancient art of adornment.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening to the call to connect. Please let us know should any questions arise.

We hope you enjoy these sacred stones of support  and that you take sweet silent pauses to savor this season of transition. Deeply feeling that we are in this together and beyond grateful to be walking this transitory path not alone.

With love from three animate beings to your soul-full hearts, Linda, Becca and Mia