The Synchronicity of the Sabian Symbol ☪️

The other day I wrote on social media about an intuitive hit I received on my morning walk. The voice said, "Look up the Sabian Symbol for today." I did not heed the call right away but later in the day, it nudged me again. So I looked. The relevance of that symbol was nearly unbelievable to me. It was like a miracle. It was magic.

Sabian Symbols are channeled messages by a clairvoyant named Elsie Wheeler in 1925 who was asked to channel them by astrologer and spiritualist Marc Edmund Jones.

Every single degree of every single sign of the zodiac has a symbol, which means there are 360 of them. (12 signs of the zodiac with 30 degrees ascribed to each.)

I was introduced to these channeled symbols in astrology school and they resonate with me so very deeply. I love their language and the seemingly random-odd-ness of their nature. I feel like the world makes sense when I read them and as they invite me to weave my own personal degree of the day into their expansive relatedness. I am getting to know my chart and myself through the invisible, intangible magic of these messages. Just like I do with the crystals. 

Jung tells us "symbols serve as a link between the archetype and consciousness and in a like manner, between the artist, the work and the audience, and the unconscious."

Today I started writing a newsletter to remind all of you lovely people that we are nearing the end of our clearing sale and I was thinking about the ways in which POUND pieces have served as symbols carrying life and joy to me and my family. I was visualizing how grateful I am for every synchronicity, chance meeting, story and token of love granted while wearing a piece by mother hand-made. And how honored we all are every time you share your own chance meetings, stories and tokens of love when you wear the ones that called to you. 

I was trying to put this all into a letter that relayed the power I feel when I adorn myself with these glistening symbols from nature when I had a hit, "look up the Sabian Symbol for where the Sun will be on the last day of your jewelry sale."

So I did. Here it is: 

"This symbol points to an abundance of beauty, talent, riches or potentiality. This degree brings the message of admiring the achievements of others whilst also allowing yours to be recognized or admired as well. Realize that what you need is either at had or soon will be. Also, something you create can last way beyond your own years. Believing in yourself and those around you can bring a wonderful sense of reward and fulfillment. Try wearing special jewelry to remind you of your self-worth, talent, ability and beauty."

And so, it happened again----I was brought to my knees in awe of that which we can not necessarily see with physical eyes, but dare to believe. 


Thank you for believing in the symbology of the stones with us.