The Red Thread that connects us all. A gift.

At every Qoya retreat, the opening ceremony begins with everyone seated in a circle.

We then take a ball of red yarn and throw it from person to person. The person who is holding the ball of yarn states their name and an intention. By the end of the ceremony there is a web of interconnected red thread that reminds us that though we are individuals, each inhabiting our own experiences, we are on this voyage together. We are never alone.  During one such Qoya week, my mom had a dream that all of the women in the circle were shearing sheep to spin into wool to make into thread and then dying it red. Tami Brunk led the group through Shamanic Journeying, opening access to mom's dream (with her permission) through subconscious portals. It was the COOLEST! And we all received past-life recall sort of messages about the dream.

Leaving the Qoya room, we all walked outside into nature and floating down from the tree-sky-heavens were what appeared to be small bits of sheep's fur. Everywhere! In the air, on the ground, sky-diving all around. In the moment it didn't matter if they were actually cottonwood seeds. Because they felt like sheep's wool fairy beings with a message. The message to spin up a tangible reminder, like a ball of red yarn, that could be worn as a  symbol of our foreverness connection.

And that is when we started making our red thread Life-Force bracelets.  The idea is not new.  In Jewish mysticism, wearing a crimson red string on the left wrist (receiving side) as a talisman to ward off misfortune brought by the "evil eye." It is a Japanese legend that a red thread extends from our hearts to the people fate brings into our lives; connecting our heart to their heart. This makes me think of that saying "whatever is meant for you, can never be missed. It is fate." No event occurs by accident. 

In Meggn Watterson's book, Mary Magdalene Revealed, she says:

"I still don't know exactly what it means, or better said, I don't know why it means so much. The red thread. I'm wearing it on my left wrist now. I'm not sure I'll ever take it off. When I look at it, there's this echo, like a radio frequency......It radiates,. It transmits. And deep down, in this place that exists before words or thoughts, I just know what the red thread ties me to."


Our red thread bracelets came about because of a dream that spoke crystal clear. And so we created a red thread bracelet with mini Herkimer Diamonds, the most power-filled clear quartz on the planet (in our opinion), and they symbolize our forever interdependence. They hold the energetic RED vibration of our ROOT---an access point to tap into the grounded source of who we are at our rawest essence. Especially needed if/when we are ever feeling lost, aching or alone.

In our desire to gift a POUND piece that felt most potent for this time, we are including a RED Life-Force Chakra Bracelet with every order over $75 from 12/5-12/15.

[WE ARE OFFERING ONE BRACELET PER ORDER, even if your order has ten POUND pieces in it so that Mom and Mia's hands don't fall off ;)]

The Herkimer crystals on the bracelet will be a bit smaller than the regular Life-Force Chakra Bracelet crystals, but just as hell-of-mighty yo! 

When the red thread eventually wears thin or breaks, the crystal can be offered as a re-gift back to the Earth or you can place it on your altar (or carry it with you) as a powerful reminder for all it came to encompass for you. 



Before they are cut into individual bracelets, each and every stone is strung on the same exact thread. Here they are in the midst of their metamorphosis. 

We hope these reach you in divine timing.
That when you receive your bracelet you feel the pulse it vibrates as it speaks to you. This pulse connects us all. Atom by atom. Stone by stone. Thread by thread. Into this giant human love web. 

Happy Holidays to all of you amazing people. 
We love you so much,
Becca, Linda and Mia <3