The Ouroboros Necklace 🐍♾️🐍

I remember how the man I was dating in 2021 braved the waves to capture this photo of me. It was a serious act of love. He was consistently hurtled against jagged rocks and swept under the water by the swaying swells. These waves were wayyyyy bigger life-size than you can visualize in the image. Yet he would not give up. He relentlessly kept coming up for air, reaching his camera above the towering waters, and blindly snapping shots until he yelled at me over the sea-crashing titanic towers that we could be done.

I forgot about this picture until I remembered it. As I delved into the Sabian Symbol of the Scorpio Moon from two nights ago, my cells started vibrating at the title: A MASSIVE, ROCKY SHORE RESISTS THE POUNDING OF THE SEA. I posted this symbol to instagram yesterday while lying in bed sick with something that felt like grief that had never been gifted the art of space. This morning I came across the image of the moment a man sorta kinda risked a traumatic brain injury, resisting the pounding sea for the pounding love in his heart to capture a minute of magic in this life for me. 

This morning I found the picture and placed the Ouroboros on it like a life ring with a cord.
I remembered the Sabian Symbol.
And the two became one.

That IS the energy of the Ouroboros.
Two become one.
And that one is within us.
A symbolic talisman of this spiralic life we live that is a never-ending loop of karma folding into destiny woven with small acts of courage to stand rooted into rock while waves crash down into us.

Nothing is as ancient as the primordial waters of life. Nothing as sacred as the Goddess.
And never did she ever dance without a Serpentine life ring of renewal and re-birth by her side. 
The Ouroboros has always been a mesmerizing portal to us.
Itis a part of our POUND logo.
It is representative of the positives and the negatives.
The beginnings and the endings.
The top and the bottom.
The karmas and the destinies. 
Life devours itself to spit out a new version and the snake slithers out of its outfit to knit something more fitting.
It is never-ending and it is never always perfect.
But we do get to ask ourselves...and feel into the answer of:
am I resisting the pounding of the waves of life for fear of losing, or for the ferocity of love. 

The Ouroboros Necklace is online and all of the info about it is here in the link. We have a very limited quantity but are working to get more in stock. We are also looking into having them made in silver for you lovely silver moon folks. 
Thank you for being here. It means the full circle of life to us. 
Eternally. XO