The Love Collection

In the Planet Venus chapter in Caroline W. Casey's book Visionary Activist Astrology, she says: 
"a ritual is any physical action you take that is imbued with intention." She gives an example of a ritual for calling in a loved one or intimate partner in honor of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, and Oshun, the Yoruba Goddess of Love and Sweet Waters.

The Ritual is As Follows:
~On any Friday (the day of the week associated with Venus), take a roll of bread and poke a hole in it.
~Put a nickel (Five is the number sacred to Venus) inside the hole. Write on a small piece of paper all of the characteristics or desires you have for your partner or your beloved. Pencil in what kind of partnership you desire. Name the feeling you are hoping to feel and embody in this desired union.
~Then put some honey on top of the small piece of paper you have folded tightly into the bread roll on top of the honey.
~Light a candle and stick it in the hole.
~Let it burn. 
~While it burns do anything that brings you joy or emanates the essence of that which you are calling in and in honor of Venus.
~Once the candle has completely burned and the roll is now a mush of wax and bread, offer it to a sweet river or body of water.
~As you offer it, say your prayer for what you are calling in. 
~And then see what happens. Be ready. ;)

What I love about rituals in general is that they bring me into alignment with the present moment. They help me attune to nature that is all around me, and the nature that is within me.
They bring the Cosmos to life and wake up sometimes very sleepy heart.

I am not called to perform this ritual for the purpose of calling in a relationship right this very now, BUT I DID enact it the other day at my sacred pond in honor of
 LOVE itself.
I wrote down the ways I want to open more extensively to the compassion and expansive wisdom that lives inside the rhythmic pulse that keeps me flowing.
I put a nickel in the bread in honor of and in gratitude for the very Heart of the Earth itself, which I only realized was a possible connection because the Crystals taught me so. 

As it happens, the Stones and Crystals that have been bleeping on our radar over the last month all carry encoded rememberings focused on attuning to the wisdom of the Heart. As a collective, we call this grouping of Crystal-Heart Beings the LOVE COLLECTION.
Rhodochrosite is the Stone of the Compassionate Heart. It asks us to first soothe ourselves and our nervous system so that the love and empathy and compassion we give to others is pure. 

This Piece feels like extra oxygen for the Heart and holds an incredibly loving and pulsating power. 

The Love Collection
Rhodonite is the Stone of the Heart Chakra and a sister stone to Rhodochrosite. The power of this stone lives inside it's depth. It has deep roots that give us a secure and stable grounded footing so that we may rise and live more from the Heart.
Rhodonite and Abalone Pendulum
Chlorite is the Stone of Purification and is like food, water, air is to a plant. It is a minty green magic swirling inside a capsule of crystal quartz, in this case cut into the shape of a Six Pointed Hexagon Star.
Six Pointed Star of a New Beginning

The Heart casts the largest electromagnetic field of any organ in the body. It comes to life as a pulse before the brain forms.

POUND (v.) to beat with force or vigor, as in the Heart.

Placing attention (and Crystals!) on our hearts helps bring our entire bodies into a more harmonious coherence with the frequencies of LOVE.

In alignment with these energies, we have chosen some of our signature POUND Pendulums and included them in a Heart Chakra Sale. Enjoy! 

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Rose Quartz POUND Pendulum: Stone of Love

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Chrysoprase POUND Pendulum: Stone of Joy

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As human crystalline beings, we Love to Love.
Notice what makes your heart 
POUND and see what happens when you follow it.
Sending you flowing sweetness and so much Love,
Linda, Becca and Mia
Some tunes to help tune in. <3 

Three Little Birds
What the World Needs Now