The Lion's Gate Portal is Open

The Lion's Gate Portal opens on 8/8 (TODAY!) and has ties to ancient Egypt. It represents the cosmic alignment between Sirius (the brightest star in the sky aka the Spiritual Sun), Orion's belt, the ancient pyramids of Giza and the Sun during Leo Season. The energy that comes flooding in during this time is full of phenomenal light and powerful exchanges between the physical and non-physical realms. It is a time to tune in deeply to your intuition, trust yourself fully, and step into the next iteration of your truth. Which is why we chose to launch the High Priestess Piece on this day. Crystals carry light and consciousness, and can also serve as vessels of intentions encoded by you and the cosmic magic all around you. 

This particular 8/8/22 is an invitation to step into the fire of your burning soul and trust your knowing boundaries, listen to the flame that lights up what is no longer acceptable for you, and to connect your courageous heart to your beautiful voice. Speak it. Own it. Dance with it. Because it is your truth. 

For this incredibly powerful moment in time, we joined forces with  Tarot Mystic Angie Banicki to choreograph the High Priestess Pendulum Necklace that inextricably links us to the energy of the High Priestess from the Tarot, as well as the depth of intuition that lives within us all.

The High Priestess of the Tarot connects you to ever evolving inner soul power. She is the goddess plugging you into insight, depth and intuitive prowess. Let this pendulum piece keep you connected to her, to your higher self. She is a magnet for the universe drawing to you inner revelations and outer intense (and magical) experiences. She will navigate the most profound experiences with an inner knowing as if being led by guardian angels. Ask her to clear you for healing, ask her to guide you through new and unique terrain in the material world and allow her to surround you with an enchanting glow that elevates your spiritual world.

Lion's Gate energy is deeply interwoven with Goddess and High Priestess myths, tales and energies since time immemorial. Hence, today is the day of the release for this potent collaboration we have enjoyed so so much in all the ways. Connection is the way forward. 

The High Priestess Piece is composed of Smoky Quartz Pendulum, Opals and Blue Kyanite on 14k gold fill chain and will come with a 5x7 card with the energy of the High Priestess and collage art by Mia Kannapell that you can keep with you in times when you need a reminder of your intuitive magic. 
Smoky Quartz deeply honors Mother Earth and allows light to flow in.
Opals are fire prisms that refract our magic into the multiverse.
Kyanite connects us to our third-eye intuition and cleanses our fears and doubts from our physical selves. 
Combined, they connect us to our Higher Selves.
Made on Gold for Alchemy and Change. 
The High Priestess Piece

Pendulums are tangible talismans that have been used for divining and uncovering hidden or subconscious truths for 1000s of years. They are external compasses to reflect your inner wisdom, and this one serves as both an empowering necklace with healing benefits AND as a divining tool to call upon the High Priestess within you. Your pendulum is the tangible tool that directs you to the point of stillness inside of you where you can source the answers you seek. 

Adorn Your Body Altar
Angie Banicki and Becca will be going LIVE on Instagram at 12pm CST TODAY to talk more Lion's Gate Magic, High Priestess Energy, Pendulum Use and Angie will be pulling cards from her tarot deck and answering questions! 

We are so excited for this collaboration with Angie, who we have adored since the moment we came into contact with her. Soul sistars from the beginning. 
All About the High Priestess Pendulum Here
Unique offerings re: the High Priestess Pendulum:
*Channeled message about the High Priestess from Angie Banicki on a 5x7 card with Collage Art by Mia Kannapell.
*Special Embossed POUND Jewelry Box to keep your special piece safe and enclosed while not wearing. 
*All of them are on 14k gold fill Chain (if you have a special request for sterling silver, reply to this email.)
*Each Crystal is Unique and one-of-a-kind and will not look exactly like the picture. All are unique like we are. 

May you step into your loving power,
All our hearts,
the POUND girls.