The Lion's Gate Collection 🦁

This collection is designed to support the light within you so you may shine and expand into the life you're meant for, one in which you focus less on "how" and more on the sound of your own heart beating loudly from within the cavernous brilliance that is you. 

Every year around 8/8, there is a cosmic alignment of the Earth and the heliacal rise of the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, that shines 25 times brighter than our sun. Sirius is a source of spiritual light and a symbol of abundance, creativity, and in Greek means “glowing” or “sparkling.”

This powerful blast of light on our planet that emanates from this portal while the Sun is in Leo is tied to ancient Egypt and known as “The Lion’s Gate.” A potent time honored as a wave of massive energetic activation and a rise in consciousness occurs.

Ironically, as I was attempting to photograph the new pieces for this collection, I had the hardest time catching the light. The sun would peek from behind the clouds for maybe a minute or two, and I was there waiting to catch that moment some of the time. A lot of the time I totally missed it and had to wait again. Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours, sometimes I gave up and tried again the next day. I tried indoor lighting and our light-box, nothing was really capturing their essence. It really "dawned on me", ha, how much the stones need the natural blare of the sun to reveal their honest inner and outer beauty. 

Our bodies, like the crystals, are constructed around light as pulsing clusters of energy. We're drawn to the Stars and the Moon because our physical bodies naturally gravitate towards the source of the shimmering powers which quite literally “light ourway.” The luminaries shine brightest amongst the darkest of skies.
The pitch black night reveals the light. 

Due to the pulse of  light-loving fractals captured within the stones and crystals, they tend to get rather loud around this time of year, feeling in greater alignment with the natural world than they do during the winter months.

Energetically this makes sense.

The stones and minerals are formed often deep within the caverns of the earth where there is no light. They are forged by time, heat and pressure in caves and fire and muddy waters mixing with various sediments. So if they feel an enormous amount of light blasting above ground, I would assume that they, like us...and like the trees, would reach up up up towards that hope. 


Obsidian is a mineraloid we had never worked with. A couple of months ago it began to whisper at me. Then it got louder. So I did some feeling and some writing, and we did some searching.

Obsidian is not classified as a stone, but rather a “glass” because it hardens from lava so quickly with no time to form a crystalline structure.

This metamorphic magic acts as a swift healer, a talisman of the Shamans, and a tool for cutting energetic and physical threads that are ready for release. It is an ego check. A reminder that in order to stay in balance, we need our ego and we definitely need boundaries, but the ego has a tendency to take control of the wheel while it is much more suited as a passenger to the vehicle of the heart. 

Obsidian is classified as a mineraloid and dates back to the Old Stone Age when it was fashioned into arrowheads, knives, axe heads and polished into mirrors for seeing into the past, present, and future, making it a kind of ancient crystal ball. It has been known to assist humans across the globe to face the truth of the shadows that pull us into the depths of our own internal caverns.

We pilgrimage deep into these metaphoric internal caves so that we may face the roaring ego, shed some of her skin and retrieve the silver sheen that was hiding in the cracks of the rocks where the lava rolls. I know this ceremony well. 

If I had a hard time catching the light for the other pieces of this collection, Obsidian proved the most challenging of all.
For it has these epic glimmers of luminescence, but they are nearly impossible to capture in a photograph. 
We came to realize that their almost imperceptible radiance is a mark of their sovereignty, a sovereignty and personal power we feel whenever we wear them.

Obsidian is the stone for calling back your power, your sacred rage, your fierce desires. Obsidian does its own thing and through her freedom, she teaches us how to become more free.  Obsidian is a reminder to root down, embody the lower chakras, touch anger so it may voice itself, feel it all, and welcome the wholeness of experience with an open heart. Lions have the bravest hearts. And the loudest roars, protecting their right to love the way they choose.

May these pieces help you set your heart's desires as your compass, and give you the courage to follow it. 

To the beat of your own drumming heart,
all the love,
the POUND girls