The Liminal and the Lithic

The word Liminal comes from the Latin word "limen" meaning threshold. It is a time between. From "what was" to "what is next." It is like a doorway. An opening. A void. Depends on how you feel it and what perspective you adopt as you experience this "not-quite-knowing-yet" period. 

The word Lithic is derived from the Greek word "lithos" meaning "rock." A word that means: "pertaining to stone."

So many conversations I have had as of late have held some essence of this liminal-space-theme. Most of my dear friends are finding their past routines and ways of being consistently sloughing and therefore living inside some sort of awkward raw discomfort. The old way is no longer, the new way is not quite here yet. We have presence and maybe that is all we have, ever.

Still, there are so many reminders that magic is still here. Thank goodness because magic is basically my core belief and if that were to disappear, call the medic.
I believe in Magic the way I believe in Love. It is impossible not to because it is everywhere. 

Astrology has been a medicinal magic for me for over 15 years, around the same time my soul-heart was re-enlivened by the Stones. 

Yesterday I wrote to you that I wore my core wound Chiron representative on my neck. I used the Taurus pendulum as the mirror, the identifier. I made the wound a little bigger so I could peer into it better metaphorically-speaking.
Then I put on clothes I like vs. pajamas I have been habitually donning, put on some lip gloss, went to a 12-step meeting, and made an offering to the Earth of deep ruby-red roses. I blew a gratitude into each petal before landing it on the trunks of trees and into the waters of a natural spring I visit often.

The lithic (and natural world + a little lip enhancer) became the grounding forces reminding me I am in a body.

The same minerals in the stones live inside of us. We get to make a match with them.

Using this love for the lithic allowed me to create a softness to my current liminality.

To me, the whole ritual alchemized the energy of my day.
Magic just works. And that's what I'm here for.

I'll speak for Mom and Mia when I say, they are here for it too.

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A glimmer I noticed today that resonated with me is that Venus is in Libra.
Venus, as many of you know, is the planet of love, beauty, sweetness, aesthetic, balance, harmony, and relationships. Libra holds many of these same themes and energies. And is ruled by Venus. 

The Sabian Symbol for where Venus in Libra currently: 
"There are “Duties” and ceremonies that need to be performed, either for your self of your community. Spiritual rituals. Do what’s needed with faith and reverence. Being in touch with one's Roots. Ancient sources of truth and understanding. Inherited wisdom. Books, manuscripts and written laws. Ceremonies marking life’s journey. Initiations." 

I took this glimmer and let it guide me to the piece I would wear today, since yesterday's guidance helped me shape-shift into better-feeing-perspective so profoundly.
Choice of the Day:
The Libra Pendulum. Formed of Tourmalated Quartz: Black Tourmaline threads inside a Crystal Quartz.

The fusion of both brings a beauty to balance as we use the tourmaline to pull out toxins and ward off energy we do not wish to take on.
The Clear Quartz magnifies our positive intentions and also gives the tourmaline powers a boost.
The ruby on top is the closest stone we have to the rose.
A rose that is very tight in her bud---not just an idea of a flower any longer, but not quite at her full expression. 
And all the more beautiful for her precisely articulated not-yet-blooming-presence. 

We all bloom when we are meant to, for our timing is part of the magic.
All our Love.