The Keeper of Thunder and Lightning, Part One

Today my mom was taking me to pick up my car which had to be detailed due to a water leak. This afternoon St. Louis is supposed to get a heavy storm with a possible tornado in the mix. On the car ride over she mentioned that she and and our handyman extraordinaire were chatting and Travis said to her "did you hear the lightning last night?" My mom replied "you do not hearlightning. You see it. You hear thunder."
They debated this for awhile.
I researched it. 

According to the National Weather Service: "Thunder is created when lightning passes through the air. The lightning discharge heats the air rapidly and causes it to expand. The temperature of the air in the lightning channel may reach as high as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. Immediately after the flash, the air cools and contracts quickly. This rapid expansion and contraction creates the sound wave that we hear as thunder."

Regardless of who was "right" about the thunder and lightning is not the point and honestly I like the idea of hearing lightning and might say it no matter what the weather service says, just for fun.
But more importantly, (to me), is that I took their chat as a sign that everything is working out ok. Which is not how I felt right before the lightning and thunder debate. 

Despite many things going "wrong" this week in the umbrella of my general life; symbols, synchronicities and divine messages keep me rolling.

Today is the day I had on my calendar to write this newsletter to share that I would be contributing to our friend Lainie Love's Five Day FREE Sacred Revolution Global Festival. The theme is Ancient Future Consciousness. She assigned me and the 40 or so other participants a single card from her Oracle Deck.

The card I received was card #16,
"Keeper of Thunder and Lightning." 

One of the messages in the oracle deck handbook I loved = 
"Remember that waves of unseen possibility arise out of the greatest storms." 

We are in the midst of serious planetary transformation. That means we each as individuals most likely are experiencing these ginormous waves as well. I haven't spoke to a single human in real life who is not like totally and quite under-worldly-style seriously not going through it. 

And so, during this time of shocking lightning strikes and quite a bit of chaos, I look to the things that anchor me more deeply into trust. 

Magic, synchronicity and how the stones speak are some of the main go-to's for me. 

The Keeper of Thunder and Lightning Card inspired me to talk about the Herkimer Diamond and how part of this crystal's medicine is in the remembering that diamonds form in the depths of darkness under extreme heat and intense pressure for hundreds of millions of years. Only then do they catapult upwards and land above ground perfectly clear and bright and sparkling, layered with messages coded from the ancient underground.
And the calm always, always, always...comes after the storm. 

Perhaps just maybe we will be hearing the lightning with our ears (which have crystals in them!) and seeing the thunder with our third eyes (which also has crystals in it!) in the near Ancient Future. Travis would love that I think ;) 
Top: Oracle Card #16: Keeper of Thunder and Lightning sitting on top of Selenite with the largest Herkimer Diamond necklace we have ever made. 
Bottom Left: Herkimer Life-Force Chakra Bracelets. We use these to anchor or open energies based on chakra wheel, and when your time with the crystal is complete it can be offered back to the Earth as a gratitude offering.
Bottom Right: Herkimer Life-Force Necklaces, which we designed as a way to be intentional with the way we speak and show up in the world, as the Herkimer magnifies everything we set attention and intention to. 
Sending you all so much life-force....quick like lightning, loud like thunder and pounds of crsytal-clear love from the caverns of our ever hearts,