The Journey from Head to Hands to Heart

In January of this year as mom and I were making our yearly rounds at our most preferred stone cutters on day one at the Tucson Gem Show, I was having a very hard time being present. Something was on my mind. That something on my mind was love and the script I was running was how horrible I am at it. I was in a deep wound around the ways in which I was feeling unworthy of love. And deeply imbedded in a tale as old as time about all the ways in which I always mess things up when it comes to love and relationships. It was all very mental and I was fully aware of the pattern and the untruths of my story-line, but I could not escape myself at the time.

This was the moment I found Danburite. I had heard of it, seen pictures of it, but could not recall the name of it, nor could our stone cutter because he was having a total brain fart. But I knew the name and essence of the crystal in my being, and so did he. We finally uncovered the name of it by googling for twenty minutes, which was like feeling around in the dark with just a few visual markers of the stone. 

Locating the name "Danburite" was important because I like carrying the information re: where the crystals we carry come from. This particular batch is from Madagascar, but the stone itself is named for Danbury, CT, where it was first discovered. 

My energy shifted immediately when I picked up that stone and held it in my hands. It felt like a wave of sweetness that laid itself like a blanket on my un-helpful thoughts and pulled me down into wonder and awe where the sparks of magic inside me live.

Danburite is a prismatic crystal that forms a "V" shape or "wedge" at the bottom. Each one feels like a temple made of migrating birds towards pink puffy skies.
They carry the energy of pure unconditional love and a reminder that sometimes the toughest most arduous pilgrimage is from the head to the heart, but also the one travel quest that is possibly the most worth it. 

You can climb a mountain to get out of your head (which in my experience, also works like a damn champ.)
Or, when a mountain is just too much to ask, you can hold a stone and close your eyes and drop down into the center of you to listen for the pathway to remembering. 

The "V" shape the stone forms feels significant. Isn't that the sign for "Peace" we make with our hands.
The letter also evokes the essence of the Great Mother and the Cosmic Womb and many faces of the Goddess (to me.)

I also later learned from my crystal books and searches that this is the stone most associated with connecting the Crown to the Heart. The ethereal realm and spirit world to a radio frequency that is only able to be accessed through the electromagnetic field and resonance of the heart. A line that lets us float up up and into the cosmic mysteries, with a string attached inside our home planet, the heart. 
There is an energetic meridian of radiant life-force that runs from the hand directly to the heart. In Chinese, the word for "heart" also denotes the meaning of the word "mind." In Meggan Watterson's Mary Magdalene Revealed, she explains how in the Gospels of Mary the word for "mind" in Greek is "nous." Which means the "eye of the heart." 
I see an eye at the top of this stone in the light. 
These two are HUGE. It feels like wearing a sacred healing wand on the heart. They are raw, funky, definitely 100% not "perfect looking" and totally full of rainbow prisms and light. 

Side note: Typically I would never post a photo of my hands with nail polish flaking off etc. but I daresay I am liking the unpolished feel of things lately. 
We have sampled various "designs" for making these crystals wearable. They have sat on our crystal table for months staring us in the face. I have moved them all around the house and made altars of them in the twinkling lights through the windows that the trees danced into being. Finally, we realized, simple is better. The crystal speaks for herself in all manners, and chain was really all she needed. 
I also tried photographing these peaceful loving beasts (lol) like a hundred times. It just wasn't working. Until the other day when I took them to a window and with zero altering whatsoever, these orbs and rainbows graced us with their presence.

We were only able to acquire a handful of these epic crystals. The smaller ones each have gray or yellow druzy and iron minerals that decorate each one and we paired these three smaller Danburites with natural raw silvery or burgundy Diamonds imbedded in the chain. See the links for more photos and all the details of each piece.

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From our heads hands and hearts,
and all the eyes that open wide enough to see the love that is everywhere.