The Infinity Necklace

Tourmaline formulates herself in every color of the rainbow. A kaleidoscope of healing energies that honor and help clear every chakra and then some. This brilliant gem holds its own electrical frequency and can be charged up by applying pressure and/or a tad of heat. 

Under the light of the Full Moon in Aries with it's balanced opposite in Libra, the most perfect piece of magic that felt called to be shared is a new treasure we uncovered---
Tourmaline cut and faceted in the shape of Eternity.

A million ideas came to mind when I went to write about all the ways in which these particular stones make me light up from the inside out. I will include just a few so you don't have to read a novel from me today :) 

When I looked up the root word for infinite, its mathematical name popped up:
Lemniscate--any of several figure-eight or ∞-shaped curves. 
I personally love that his symbol has a mathematical root because I think it's cool when facts and figures swirl and dance with the things we can't explain in words but that we know without question because though we were born to think we were also born to feel

The other word that kept revealing itself over and over was cardinal
What is cardinality?
"The cardinality of a set is defined as the number of elements in a mathematical set. It can be finite or infinite."

(A cardinal flew by the window and perched itself on a tree I could see as I wrote this morning.)

In my Intuitive Astrology classes I learned the importance of the Axis. If we are looking at Aries, we also must look to the opposite sign: Libra. It is in examining both sides we find the balance point in the center. The sweet spot.

Aries is Cardinal Fire and Libra is Cardinal Air
Aries is ruled by Mars (masculine) and Libra is ruled by Venus (feminine). 

The elements of Fire and Air combine to create Alchemy.
And the symbol of the figure 8 symbol is totally 100% associated with alchemy, transformation, the caduceus, and healing.  

Cardinality as it relates to astrology references the signs that spark change. They initiate.

Cardinal signs (such as Aries and Libra) are spheres of archetypal energies that help light the fire necessary for us to shift and re-shape based on what our souls are asking of us in the present now. 

That which we seek is often already alive within us. Aries reminds us to initiate the stoking of the creative fire that burns inside of us waiting for us to light it up, and Libra reminds us that opposite ends of the same pole create the spark of the electric divine flow. 

The Infinity Necklace is an offering that embodies the cardinal nature of beginning something, while then surrendering to the opposite end which is to release control.
The infinity symbol is the endless stream of magic that flutters itself like ribbons in the wind. We made these necklaces to sit at the throat so the ribbon-like figure-8 can dance in the air from our spoken words.

If she calls to you may she help remind and re-spark your infinite scales of creative divine flow. 
In numerology, the number 8 represents endlessness, bounty, balance, strength and resilience in balance with flow and surrender; the infinite nature of the spirit. Two pools flowing one into the next to create the most powerful center of life-force. 
Infinity Necklace
Our teensy hand-carved POUND fists attached at the back of each and every necklace as a symbol of strength---the way the heart keeps her rhythm to keep us in flow with life. She knocks on the walls of our insides waking us up for a new day. She's the size of a fist. 
Eternally grateful for the many cycles, waves and colors of the way life greets us. Even when it's hard. 
Infinite Magic

Also! Last call on the large Herkimer life-force necklaces for the un-definable future. <3 

We have TWO large Herkimer Diamonds left!

Large Herkimer Diamond Life-Force Necklace»

Magnifying Magic

Last of the Large for awhile »

Infinite Love.