The Green of Growing Things

The name "Emerald" was first translated from the Sanskrit word "marakata"-- meaning: "the green of growing things." 

St. Hildegard of Bingen, the noted lithologist, declared, “All the green of nature is concentrated within the Emerald.” 

I love emeralds. It's my birthstone and every time I work with it, magic unfolds and miracles occur that felt impossible mere moments before. It transports me into the enchanted fairy forest which is a "resource" I created and used during EMDR therapy months back. When a trigger occurs in the outside world that affects my inner world in a not-so-fabulous-way, I am able to call on the Emerald, the Fairy, Forest, the power that lives in the vibration of the color Green to find sanctuary and sweetness and safety inside the capsule of my own heart. 

Green is the color of the Heart Chakra.
The force field color-way that connects us to the lower three and the upper three chakras.
The heart is the center of our anatomical beings. It is the core spot where true transformation, compassion and love unite to form the next pathway towards loving truth.
We know that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. We know that when we move from a place of love, more sweetness is waiting for us. Easier said than done, at times, but like anything, it is a practice and one that is calling very loudly to us. Right now. 

On the Leo Full Moon---a sign of the zodiac connected to the solar plexus and Fire, I feel that the Heart plays a big role here too. For is it not the courageous heart that the Lion is most known for? And if the Solar Plexus is the emotional body and our feelings of worth, confidence, inner knowing, joy and creative output, how fitting that it is so close to the heart in the line-up of our energy wheels. They dance together. 

Here are some POUND pieces to connect to the stone power that rests in the green of growing things, from the center of the Earth's heart out to the hands and hearts of you me and everyone.

The Marakata Pendulum is a raw, heart-filled-ancestral healing-evolutionary-renewal. 
Raw Emerald Pendulum for the sight, the vision, and the heart. Pearl Skull as a symbol for that which dies to be reborn. Ancestral healing. Angel Guardians, watching over us. The cycle of life. Black Opal for magic, reflection, and cosmic consciousness. 
Marakata Pendulum
The Herkimer Diamond is the mot powerful of all clear quartz on the planet, with her double-terminated potency, allowing energy to flow both in and out of her conscious center. Green, for the Heart. Each Chakra Bracelet comes with a Mantra. This one, is for Love. 
Life-Force Chakra Bracelets

Malachite = natural Evil-Eye. Stone of Transformation and feels like an embodiment of Devic Earth energy herself. A stone that resembles the way trees age and the things they know and say. The supreme mother of all that carries the living breathing essence of magical forest fairies in her patterned codes.

Shaped like a loving half-moon with incredible eye formations on the backside that sits on your heart, and sweet minty swirls on the front side that cast enchanting sweet spells to those who come into contact with you. Every interaction leaving a residue of love. 

Half-Moon Malachite Heart
May this moon remind you of your big bold brave radiant heart.
May the green of growing things remind you of your beautiful lush wild and rambunctious creative life-force. And may the many faces of their hues, messages, ad meanings weave their way into the infinite loop of the beauty of you.

All Our Love,
Linda, Becca and Mia