The Great Mother and the Nesting Doll Necklaces

Happy New Moon in Cancer. The sign ruled by the Moon and connected to the Mother. 

Hence, we bring you: 

The Great Mother and the Nesting Doll Necklaces 

Cancer Season serves like a portalic opening, a space to relieve the mind of it's queries for just a time, and allow the full force of fertile feelings to rise rise rise, so that we may excavate the medicine our feelings are here to offer us.

Sometimes these sensations stimulate the waters from inside our bodies to locate the lacrimal gland in our eyes and flow like rain down our face. Tears are the physical manifestation of emotions, and they are so so healing when we brave the allowance of them. 

Over the past week I spent time creating a sacred and sweet nest for myself. I kind of fabricated a home "retreat center" and fed myself more nourishing foods and activities than I have been in the recent months.
The shift was notable as I moved more energy away from the buzzing brain and poured it down to the brilliant belly. 

During the week of softening I am so grateful for, a package arrived in the mail from our turquoise stone cutter. Mom and I had hand-picked two handfuls of them that felt, looked, and revealed themselves as the Great Mother. What I mean by that is when I saw them, I said "there she is...."--not fully knowing anything, but feeling the truth of it with everything. 

When we received them, I noticed that they also resemble one of my favorite childhood "toys"- the Russian Nesting Doll. The layers of ladies it takes to get to the center mini teensy cutest baby one. I had never made the correlation before, though we have found the mother in many a stone. 

The newly revealed symbolic metaphor for how we are linked generationally by the seeds of energies alive inside our wombs-and those of our mother's. And those of our mother's mother's. 
A representation of how many layers have to be sliced away from the onion -formulating a different kind of tears from our eyes- to get to the root cause of an emotion signaling a behavior. 
A talisman for knowing when it is time to heal a relationship in the family line.
Or when it is time to heal the relationship we have to mothering/parenting/care-taking ourselves.
Or maybe when it is time to the whole bulk of it over to the Great Mother Herself, and trust that she is holding you through it all. 
I hope you feel held. 

Turquoise is a Stone of Wisdom from the Waters.
A Stone of the Third Eye. And a Stone of the Throat. 
A Stone of Protection.
A Stone of the endlessness of the blue Sky and the Rains that are ready to fall fresh into the black dirt. 
This Turquoise is a coming home.
Bodies birthed by Earth.
Each one carries the face the heart the hearth the portalic-space for re-birth.
And these 13 pieces, each in their own way, resemble the shape of the Matryoshka from the root word 'mater,' meaning Mother, that is holding us - always holding us, reminding us that we are held- and that we too, can hold ourselves. 


Because these turquoise treasures are formed the way geodes are, meaning they form with a protective cocoon for the beauty to gestate in a safe container, here are some helpful notes about these necklaces and ways to care for your piece:

  • The back-side of them are raw and rocky
  • We recommend removing during sleep so the chain does not get tugged on, and removing during skin product application due to the wide array of nature-altering chemicals in a lot of products

Grab one of the 13 Mothers HERE

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Be sweet with you.