The Embody Love Collection

I write to you from a tender, deeply healing part of my heart. I send this love note from the valley of Tucson, surrounded on all four sides by sturdy mountains. The place I went to undergraduate school where my heart cracked open so many times so that it could let more love in. The city that holds mountains of my hard tears and so many joys and growth-spurt-markers. A town that my Chiron Line (the Wounded Healer) runs straight through, literally cutting the city in half from the perceptive of the stars based on the astro-cartography reading my friend Ali gifted me. 

This is the spot on the Earth where I come bridge the gaps between what has been healed and what needs healing, yet. From an astrological, universal, soul-arific, embodiment, and deeply knowing heart perspective. 

And in that mending, as it goes, I get to share the nuggets of light that have become resourced and reclaimed. 

I am granted grace from the gem goddess to walk amongst the most gargantuan crystals and in the world here in Tucson. I am admitted back into the city gates year after year with my mom and sister so we can hand-pick the ones that have lived under the dust for too long and are ready to shower their magic on you.

Mammoth sized gemstones who have been active and working hard to push their way to the topside world since the age of the dinosaurs and the ancient breathing temples made of stone moved by human hands. One stacked on top of the next, onto the next, towards the heavens, the temples crawl---the same way we must wriggle our way back up when those loving but painful AF energetic triggering boulders get hurtled on top of us. 

I met one of my best friends in Tucson. We were dance majors in college back in oh, say the year NINTEEN-NINETY-NINE, lol. Both of us chose DANCE as what we would "specialize in"  because, well, we loved to dance. This was not necessarily a "wise choice" in the minds of most of the people I knew from a career-perspective.
But we had fun. :)  

Through her love of dance and embodiment practices, created
Qoya to help women heal---- which inspired me to follow suit and "mine" the truth of how I wished to help myself and others heal, and POUND was born. Last week in Qoya's most recent offering of LORE: Embodying Love, we danced and I shared crystal wisdom that aligned with the theme. I chose the Ruby: Empress of the Heart. 

Throughout the week I kept rubies and rubellite stones on my chest and moved my body to love songs that were not dedicated to the fantastical lover "out there," but rather to the love that I already AM.

It was such good medicine to move in this way, and the salve I needed to remind myself that if I can not hold the magnanimous me, then who can.

It is from the  place of the tumbling illusion that love could ever be outside of me that I walk amongst the Giant Gems. It is from this place in Tucson that I am re-building a new temple for my heart, made of crystalline sweetness and whispered songs of soothing love-force from the stones.

It is from this place of embodying the love we once wished someone else could give to us that we selected each and every crystal to be made for this small capsule collection we offer you today. Inspired by dancing Qoya this week and the theme of the invitation to actually feel in a cellular way what happens inside the body when we give ourselves the love we need to be nourished. 

Follow the compass of your heart and see where she is drawn. Which talisman will serve her as she POUNDs her powerful way into the next moment, and the next.

Allow the power of your pulse guide you to the next piece that will mark this season of love for you.
The ruby and the rubellite carry the red-fuschia ray that sparks opening in the Root, the Solar Plexus, and the Heart. 

You are safe. You are worthy. You are LOVE. 

Radiate your willingness to be the love the way the crystals radiate their brilliance. They can't not shine. This is what they were born to do: to glow. As are you. 

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Most POUND Pieces are on sale through February 2, in honor of your heart and the hearts of those you love who may be sparked by receiving a piece of POUND. Discounts applied automatically at Checkout.

15% most items with the exclusion of the EMBODY LOVE and SACRED FIRE COLLECTIONS »

We will be in Tucson sourcing the love through February 1st. 
Our 15% off sale ends February 2nd.
All orders made by February 2nd should ship by the 5th in time for Valentine's Day. 

We love you, with all our hearts,
Linda, Becca and Mia

Choose the next step you take by listening to the guidance of the heart. She knows which way to go. Many will think it "unwise" ---
I say, do it 
anyway. Watch the bridge that was just now invisible light itself up like a rainbow-road and follow it. The bridge that turns wounded into healer, turns dust into glitter. Turns boulders into gem treasures.