The Diamond of the Crystal Multiverse 🌐

Herkimer Diamonds carry their name because they are known as the "diamonds" of the crystal multiverse. They hold the same potent strength, resilience, and light as carbon (common) diamonds do, but are made of silica, aka crystal. Herkimer Diamonds are actually much more difficult to source than regular diamonds and we thank our lucky sparkling stars that over the years we have been able to form such a beautiful relationship with the female-owned Herkimer mines in upstate New York so that we can bring you the loudest brightest of the bunch! 

These powerful little miracles have been growing inside the Earth for over 500 million years, picking up stories from the inner terrain of the land that holds us and carrying them up with them as they journey closer to soil, sun and to the human homes they rest on.

If you have one, you know how much energy and magic they possess. They are the most powerful of all the clear crystals on the planet, and there is A LOTof clear crystal on this planet.  

The medicine we need most is often the most abundant.

So many of you beautiful souls have shared how you have worn the Herkimers while giving birth, starting a new project, traversing a new region of the world, or for gifting them to someone special that could benefit from their amplifying, clarifying energy.

These special diamonds have memory, which means they can absorb, retain, and then bestow information as needed. They are formed with a "point" on the top and a "point" on the bottom, meaning they are double-terminated so that they can emit and receive information. 

We originally designed our Herkimer Diamond Life-Force Necklace to bring awareness to the words we use when we speak (silently to the self our out loud to the world at large), as our words carry power and meaning. Hence, we placed the crystal at the center of a chain to sit at the notch at the throat. 

The other day I was wearing one and I realized how every time I wear one at my throat, I am less afraid to speak the way my soul wishes to speak. And then I noticed that when I wear one closer to my heart, I feel more balanced and in tune with the way I carry myself as a whole. It was like my heart was truly leading my way.  My mind softened, my heart was in charge. And that felt real and right for me.

Being that it IS Gem(ini) Season, and the archetypal energy of Gemini loves options, we are offering this piece to be worn at optional lengths. Which just makes so much sense :) 

The Herkimer Life-Force Necklace now has Two Metal Options:
14k gold fill or sterling silver and Two Length Options:
14-16" (throat chakra length) or 17-19" (heart length)

We ALSO have a handful of the LARGE Herkimer Diamond Life-Force Necklaces on paper-clip chain listed. Finally!
We have received so many queries about these larger ones lately, and we were synchronistically able to source a few more, so grab one if it has been calling to you.

Our hope is to make another trip out to Herkimer this summer to hand select more of the larger stones and we will keep you updated! 

Thank you for your patience and thank you most of all for your bright and shiny adoration of these healing-story-telling-consciousness-lifting lil' epic beings of light. 

Wearing the top Herkimer Necklace at 16" length

Wearing the bottom Herkimer Necklace at 18"  length

Life-times of love, 
Linda, Becca and Mia