The Crystal Connection

If you know POUND, you most likely have heard of one of our favorite Movement Forms ever: QOYA. At every Qoya retreat, the opening ceremony starts with everyone seated in a circle.

We then take a ball of red yarn and throw it from person to person. The person holding the ball of yarn states their name and an intention, then tosses it to someone else while holding onto the thread. By the end of the ceremony, our web of interconnected red thread reminds us that though we are individuals, each inhabiting our own experiences, we are on this voyage together. We are never alone. 

This exercise is where our initial inspiration for our Herkimer Life Force Bracelets came from, which was expanded upon by a radical Shamanic Dream Journey Mom (Linda, aka GlindaBlue experienced) during a Qoya class. 

In Jewish mysticism, wearing a crimson red string on the left wrist (receiving side) as a talisman to ward off misfortune brought by the "evil eye." And a Japanese legend claims that a red thread extends from our hearts to the people fate brings into our lives, connecting our hearts to theirs. 

In Meggan Watterson's book, Mary Magdalene Revealed, she says:

"I still don't know exactly what it means, or better said, I don't know why it means so much. The red thread. I'm wearing it on my left wrist now. I'm not sure I'll ever take it off. When I look at it, there's this echo, like a radio frequency... It radiates. It transmits. And deep down, in this place that exists before words or thoughts, I just know what the red thread ties me to."

When we wear the red thread, we feel tied to life itself. We're reminded that we're not alone, but are linked to all things and people. We are all powerful players in the vibrant woven web of life.

Mini Mother of Pearl Skull Guardians

Since before the dawn of POUND Jewelry, we have been drawn to Skulls. After years (literally, YEARS) of searching, we have finally been able to source small batches of hand-carved Mother of Pearl Skulls that we call "Guardians".

Pearls hold Wisdom. They are strong and hard on the outside, soft and soothing on the inside. Motherly, protective and calming energies are evoked from Pearls, which are associated with the Moon and the Planet Neptune. 

We love the meaning of the Pearl. We love the raw truth and compelling internal questions that arise when we work with the Skull. A talisman to honor our ancestors and the "life-death-new life" cycle. 
~A symbol of breaking traumatic ancestral ties that bind us to the past and are ready to be released.
~They serve as tokens that feel like guides with incredibly fascinating messages to reveal, when the time is right. 
~Each one offers an invitation to Listen deeply to what our souls are ready for.
~And MOST IMPORTANTLY, as a reminder that what has a beginning also has an end.
Live. Live. Live this life. Live it Up and Live it Now. 

Potent. Graceful. Loving. 

We could not love these little Soul Guardians more.
Each one is meticulously choreographed uniquely. They do not call to everyone, and that is ok! If they DO in fact call to you, they are here for you.

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