Talking Tourmalines 🪨

We welcome in the midpoint between Winter and Spring every single year in Tucson in the midst of our sacred pilgrimage to the gem show. The separate rooms my mom and I each sleep in are both so dark they are like literal caves, but the weather outdoors is often sun-bright filled. Always grateful for whatever amount of Sun the West has to offer in the winter as a glimmer.

The first stop we make as we embark on our stone search is always the moment we are the most open to the field of electric pulsating crystalline energy because it feels like such a contrast from where we traveled from. New environments spark the creation of novel pathways.

Generally it only takes a few minutes for a rock-being to pop up from the gem stalls and yell
"take me with you!"
Such was the case with these raw tourmalines imbedded in chunks of hunky quartz. Slivers of variously hued minerals, each held as if in the womb of a crystalline cave, not dissimilar to a being layered under a warm cozy blanket or a heart held in a domed cage made of ribs. 

Tourmaline comes in literally every color of the rainbow, and then some. It carries its own electrical charge and recycles energy which is why it is often dubbed a "protection stone." I often feel it more as a compost heap, taking what we can not digest and re-purposing it to feed the soil for a plant, animal or soul rebirth. 

These pieces are unique and odd and super funky. They are raw and natural and not polished into any ideas of perfection. 

And they talk.
Seriously. They talk.
In case I had forgotten that rocks can speak (which I did), they immediately reminded me. 

Sometimes we ask for guidance and we can hear the sound of our own pulse amping itself up into music that comes out in words. And sometimes it is very clearly a line of communication that is not from our own inner higher selves, but a voice lingering, waiting, hoping for that perfect moment to enter through us, simply because we offered an open space.

These little art glaciers are like reminders set in stone that our ancestors (no matter where we are from) spoke to rocks and winds and grain. And it is not a bad idea to bring it back and do so again.

A handful are listed online and we have a handful more in the line-up to be made into necklaces for next week. As always, the one that calls is the one that is calling you. 

This one said: you are all part of an ecosystem. Tend to your garden, your body, your emotions, your magic.....but do not forget to step outside and look around at what is happening in the larger circle of life. Connect the lines of separation and find the center. 

Talking Tourmalines

This one has mini rainbows hiding inside of it and it told me it was a BRIDGE. From where we stand now to where we wish to stand next in our never-ending evolution. Chiron, the Wounded Healer is connected to the energy of the Rainbow Bridge and is an ally for facing and moving through the deepest wounds as we transmute them into our most beautiful medicine. 

A Bridge
This one said place me on your achy-breaky heart and watch the splinters re-assimilate themselves into a wider expanse, like a field ready to for you to throw new seeds into. Let the space be filled by the rawest version of you until the next best step comes into clear view. 
A Field is Ready for You

There is no part of me that can stomach a single hallmark-y notion of Valentine's Day this year. The only thing I feel like focusing on is how to connect on a deeper level to nature. Spending a full week in the desert with the cacti, horses, and rocks filled my heart with the kind of love I want to keep exploring. Every single day love. Love in the teensy quiet moments. Love inside the prickly pear burrs getting stuck in my leggings because the horse was unbothered by them. Love in a wild turkey refusing to leave the rear-end of my car as I was trying to rush myself off the parking lot with actually nowhere to rush off to. Love that pours out of a friend's eyes when she misses her dad and your breath gets taken away at the beautiful impermanence of every single moment. Love lives on in the rocks for millions and billions of years and comes to us in the perfect time to talk of spoken treasures that become seeds in our souls for later when we need them.

New Collection with loads of talking rocks:
Love Notes Written by Nature.

Abalone, Coral, Epidot Earring drops on hoops that we are just slightly obsessed with.


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Three New Pendulums made of the gummiest Rose Quartz ever, Angelite and Tree Agate. Energies of the Heart Guide, the Sky Guides and Mother Earth.

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Written and Spoken with Love,