Special Solstice Pieces Now Listed

Honoring the Path of the Sun on the Solstice when the fairies come out to play with some very special New Pieces that come to Life in the shifting cycles and movements of the Light.

The Crystals and Stones have sooooo much to say when they get a chance to dance in the glow of the sun. I rely on that glow daily in order to photograph the gems for the website and instagram. Gotta say there is truly nothing like natural light when it comes to capturing the essence of a stone and all of the messages it has for us to enjoy.

Spending the day honoring the glowing streams from the Sun and the brightness within us all. And sharing a few of our new one-of-a-kind luminary pieces that truly reveal their messages, codes, landscapes and healings when lit up.
Just like us. ;)

When the Light Hits Just Right......Citrine and Lemon Quartz Solar Flame with Fairies Dancing... Under Mythic Time Pendulums

Stone of Magic: Half-Moon/Light and Dark and a Purifying Heart. The way her Rainbows reveal themselves in the shifting sun is OMG.

Moss Agate Serpent Talisman // Growth and New Beginnings. Incredible patterns revealed when the sun comes through her back!

Growing Love // Rose Quartz and Moss Agate Medallion with Rubies. She is a Polygon of Light. Enjoy!!

Happy Solstice!
Shine on Bright Ones
the POUND girls